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  • We will be arriving from Roma by train to Napoli Centralia, where do we ask taxi driver to take us to get to Ischia?

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    Thursday, 06 April 2017   Daniel

    Good morning,

    when you arrive at the train station, you will find a taxi dispatch close to the station to reach the port of Naples to Ischia (Beverello for hydrofoils or Porta di Massa for ferries). Once you arrive to Ischia you can reach your accommodation by bus station close to the port.

    Kind regards

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  • I will arrive at the station of Napoli in piazza Garibaldi, which bus can I take to reach the port of Naples?

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    The  bus routes which connect Piazza Garibaldi and Piazza Municipio (Piazza Trieste e Trento) belong to the ANM company .

    The lines are: R2, M21, 111N 111R

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  • Arriving from the motorway, which port I must to reach to embark by car?

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    Arriving from the motorway the nearest port of Naples is Porta di Massa. If you has already the ticket, you can to reach the port directly from varco Bausan without passing through the city center. If you don’t have the ticket, go to the exit ‘scali marittimi’ or ‘Napoli porto’.

    The port of Pozzuoli, being away from the highway, is more convenient because there are more links with the island and the duration of the trip is shorter than 60 minutes instead of 90 minutes and the fare is less expensive.

    To reach the port of Pozzuoli, just move to the Naples ring road and proceed towards Pozzuoli until the intersection of Via Campana From Via Campana proceed to the port and follow the directions.

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  • Where can I find the complete list of timetable without to check each shipping company?

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    The timetable list is available on this link

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  • I arrive by train from Rome, where should I get off at Napoli Centrale or Mergellina Pozzuli to reach port, I would go directly to Casamicciola.

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    To get Casamicciola you can also take the SNAV hydrofoil from beverello . To reach the Pozzuoli from Mergellina station , you must take the subway and get off at Montesanto and go to Pozzuoli.

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  • Hello I would like to know the times and costs of the ferries from Naples to Ischia. thanks

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    For schedules can connect to the site of the shipping companies.

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  • Dear Sir, I would like to know which is the company that offers the best price of the hydrofoils from Naples (the port closest to the central station, which is it?) In Ischia and vice versa. I would also like to know if, by paying a ticket, it is possible to access to thermal establishment not be guets. Thanks for the replies. Dina

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    The nearest port from the central station is the Beverello. The rates of the shipping companies, for hydrofoils, are equal. To make thermal treatments, anyway, you must not pay a ticket but every specific thermal treatment.

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  • There is a ferry service from Naples to Forio? Where can I find schedules and prices?

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    No there is no a ferry service from Naples to Forio, but there is a ferry service, for times and prices visit the

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  • I should come to Ischia in June. How long does it take to get Ischia by ferry or hydrofoil from the port? Are very different the costs? Thanks

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    The ferry boat takes 1h and 20 min, while hydrofoil about 50 min. The ferry boat ticket costs about half as much as an hydrofoil ticket, anyway it depends on every maritime company.

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  • Arriving at Naples by plane, how can I get Ischia?

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    Arriving at the Naples Capodichino Airport you can reach Molo Beverello or Mergellina by taxi or bus. An Alibus shuttle connects the airport only to Beverello (SNAV hydrofoils , Alilauro Caremar dock). Alibus is a ANM is line of fast connection between the airport and the city center. Makes only four stops: Airport, Piazza Garibaldi (Corso Novara), Via Duomo (Porta di Massa), Piazza Municipio (Molo Beverello), allowing both to reach the exit points from the city to move to the major interchanges of Naples.

    And in Piazza Municipio and Via Duomo, guests coming in and departing from the Port of Naples will find all the major maritime links to islands or move to Via Toledo or Via Medina to reach, by bus or cable car Mergellina, Chiaia, Vomero-Arenella PiazzaGaribaldi and Piazza Carlo III.

    Tickets can be purchased on board and at the sail points ‘Sun Store’ inside the International Airport of Naples at a cost of € 3.00.

    From Naples Capodichino airport, the Alibus takes approx. 20 min. to get Piazza Municipio and Beverello from where most of the hydrofoils leave to the island of Ischia.

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  • I will go on holiday to Ischia in June and I have the need, for reasons of work I often connect to the net, where can I find an internet point with a fast connection?

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    The Internet Point nearest to the port of Ischia and in the city center is “Pointel Store”, located near to the bus station at the hydrofoil terminal.

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  • How do I get to Ischia?

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   milena

    If your position is Naples, so you should go to embark at Molo Beverello or Mergellina to Forio to see the timetable visit the
    If you are already in Ischia, Forio is well served by public means. Buses that arrive to Forio belong to the SEPSA company and are: 1, 2, CS, CD.

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