• I am writing to express my disappointment and concern about the prevalence of smoking in public places during our recent visit to the beautiful island of Ischia for our holidays. While Ischia is undoubtedly a breathtaking destination with a rich cultural heritage, the issue of smoking in public spaces significantly impacted our experience and has led us to consider alternative options for our future vacations. It was disheartening to observe that people were still smoking in the streets, on the beaches, in bars, restaurants, and even within the thermal facilities. As a result, non-smokers like ourselves were compelled to either tolerate passive smoking or restrict ourselves to eating indoors to escape the unpleasant and harmful effects of second-hand smoke. The most concerning aspect of this situation is that Ischia is renowned for its therapeutic thermal facilities, attracting individuals seeking to improve their health and well-being. Passive smoking contradicts the very essence of what visitors come to the island for – a chance to heal, rejuvenate, and breathe in the clean, rejuvenating air. The irony of visitors arriving with hopes of enhancing their health but being subjected to involuntary smoking is truly disheartening. As an Italian citizen, I cannot help but feel frustrated that such an unhealthy habit is given precedence over the well-being of both tourists and residents alike. Ischia, along with numerous other splendid destinations Italy has to offer, should not be tarnished by these unhealthy behaviours that affects the overall experience of visitors. For instance, imagine having a romantic dinner with your partner, savouring the delectable local cuisine, and yet being forced to inhale smoke as if from a bonfire. Such a scenario is not only unpleasant but also detrimental to the health of both individuals present. I strongly believe that addressing this issue will be beneficial for the island and its reputation as a world-class tourist destination. By enforcing stricter regulations on smoking in public places, Ischia can promote a healthier and more enjoyable environment for all visitors. Measures such as designated smoking areas and education campaigns on the harmful effects of smoking in public spaces could be effective steps toward achieving this goal. As a frequent traveller, I can assure you that many others share our sentiments. We had considered making Ischia a regular holiday spot, but the prevalence of smoking has compelled us to look for alternative destinations where we can fully enjoy a healthier and smoke-free experience. I sincerely hope that you and your esteemed office will take our concerns into account and initiate positive changes to address this issue. By doing so, Ischia can continue to captivate and enthral visitors with its natural beauty, rich culture, and, most importantly, its commitment to providing a healthy and pleasant environment for everyone. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I remain hopeful that our next visit to Ischia will be a more enjoyable and smoke-free experience.

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    Monday, 17 July 2023   giuseppe de santis
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  • How do I get to the port of Napoli Beverello from the railway station?

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    There is the bus R2 from the central railway station that arrives at Piazza Municipio.

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  • What’s weather in March? What do I need to bring with me? Thanks

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    March is crazy in Ischia. The climate, that should be mite changes with rainy and cold days. Usually during the first 15 days the climate is colder and drier than the next 15 days that are humid and warmer.

    What do I need to bring with me?

    Don’t forget the coat, March makes many jokes. Pullovers, sharf and hat are useless.

    A small umbrella while is really useful.

    But of course don’t forget a bathing suit because during a nice sunny day, it is possible to plunge into the warm waters of Sorgeto and Cava Scura.

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  • I would like to know if Ischia is a metaphor suitable for who choose to spend an holiday with own dog.

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    Yes, there are structures where dogs are allowed.

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  • I would like to know if weekly there are stands, typical of the zone. Best greetings and congratulations on the site

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    Wednesday, 01 February 2012   claudio

    Casamicciola near to the port: Mondays and Fridays, every day.

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