It’s Christmas ... and at Christmas, you can do more!

Candida Natale-8370Almost as if it were a duty, at Christmas, all become good, or at least they try. It blooms in us the bud of sharing warmed by the rays of the solidarity of the many events that populate our streets. From the crib of solidarity to the markets of charity. Events organized thanks to the sensitivity of many that offer opportunities to be better people. It is the moment full of joy, friendship, joy and our island wearing the best outfit made of colorful lights, traditional decorations, gospel and jugglers. However, could not Christmas last a whole year? What is it that prevents? Clearly, the “worldliness spiritual” of Christmas... well for those two weeks I would say enough, but the authentic spirituality of Christmas, that one silent and discreet, we should try to practice every day. «Go beyond the surface of things and there encounter what no one could understand, a child lying in the manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Therefore, you meet Jesus every day», this is the spirit of Christmas according Bergoglio and I will propose it because it inspired my sincere wishes for Christmas for you. To be able to understand that solidarity is not just to those who decide to help with support, too cheap, but is able to make close to everyone you meet, every man or woman who passes by. “The real need is the decision of the proximity”. To learn approaching the other because it is not in need, but because he is brother or sister in humanity. To improve our approach to the humanity of which we are part and to mature co-responsibility for the common good. To learn how to extend the hands to who comes to meet us, to discover the “distant islands” that inhabit our island, break down the walls of indifference and build bridges of hope of cordiality and friendship. We are the humanity of that island that must accommodate, listen and love... as Holy Pope, John Paul II, urged during his visit to Ischia in 2005, and we cannot ignore our task. It is the need for every person to feel welcomed over his weaknesses. Moreover, this is need of our neighbor and tourists who choose our island to overcome moments of physical weakness to find a new wellness. This type of hospitality does not originate from the texts of Management Company. It can mature only if you open your heart to love. Therefore, here is that Christmas becomes an important opportunity to improve and add value to the experience of the many travelers who land on our island. A value that the market cannot exchange, you cannot buy or book an all-inclusive package, or you can find it on the shelves of the charity. Love to neighbor is something more that at Christmas you can feel as long as... lasts all year!

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