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It is with great pleasure and pride that the Actus Tragicus Association is exultant in presenting the artistic event for which it was born on Good Friday, March 29, 2024. And it also does so with great surprise, because the possibility of achieving all this was only made known last week, but the challenge was accepted with great enthusiasm, also thanks to the courageous support of the municipal administration.


Very suggestive show, a combination of folklore, humanity, mystery, pain and a sense of sacred, staged with period costumes.
However, it is not a purely scenic and external manifestation but a contribution made of intensity and beauty to interiorize and live even better the last moments of the life of Jesus, who loved his “to the end”.
A work of patience and dedication that lasts months, which if on the one hand cements friendships and relationships, on the other hand restores energy and vigor to offer a show that every Good Friday remains in the heart as the wake of that Love that Christ has poured out. with his Cross on each of us.
But after Death, the dawn of the Resurrection rises and Easter in Forio is also synonymous with another great and unmissable moment, that of the ANGEL’S RUN.
Every year, in fact, on Easter Sunday, the Forians join the curious and tourists, to attend a now centuries-old representation, the first historical information of which dates back to 1620. The Angel’s Run is intended to represent the moments following the Resurrection of Christ and the announcement of the Resurrection to Mary. Everything takes place along Forio and has the risen Jesus, Madonna, St. John and the Angel as protagonists. The statues of Madonna, with the face covered by a long veil, and that of St. John, carried on the shoulder, are arranged along the left sidewalk of Corso Mattero Verde, at the height of the Nautical Institute.
When the last lights shine on Friday 29 of March, the procession in artistic costumes will start from the former Municipio of Forio, which will reach Piazzale Cristoforo Colombo (Porto) where, around 8.30 pm, The Passion will begin. The ‘Via Dolorosa’ will wind through the main course to culminate in the Crucifixion at the Soccorso. We will review the Last Supper, the Trial of Jesus and much more, meeting the protagonists of this immortal story. The desire to start over is feverish and all the people of Forio responded without hesitation as soon as they learned of the possibility of participating again in this wonderful opportunity. But our heartfelt thanks also goes to the various associations of Civil Protection who have given their fundamental availability, to ensure the movement of people in the best possible safety conditions. In fact, we invite everyone to use the masks correctly, in mutual respect.


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