Easter emotions in Forio

PasquaEaster in Forio is a collection of faith, culture, history and tradition blend to create atmospheres and inimitable emotions.
Back in 1982, a group of young volunteers of the association Actus Tragicus every year on Fridays before Easter of Resurrection, starting at approximately at 20.00, puts up the Passion of Christ. Original sacred drama over a trail of about 1 km, dedicated to the last 12 hours of Jesus life.

Performance very impressive blend of folklore, humanity, mystery, pain and sense of the sacred, staged with costumes. But we are not faced with a purely theatrical event and exterior but made a contribution of intensity and beauty to internalize and live even better the last moments of the life of Jesus, who loved his sons “to the end”.
The direction of the Passion of Christ passes this year in the expert hands of Salvatore Ronga, called to replace the late and unforgettable prof. Zivelli that many energies and commitment has always used for this wonderful event. It is the same Salvatore Ronga to open a few windows on the issue in 2014 as a kind of anticipation of what promises to be always full of pathos and intense spirituality: “I gather an important legacy that is that of prof. Zivelli and have retained inside the event his voice that interprets Christ, really something exciting and impressive and then the Passion is a new form of theater for me. The parade will begin with the first leg along via marina to represent as a deep flashback scene of the baptism of Christ, then the path continues with the entrance to Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin, the Trial of Jesus and the garden of the Gethsemane that is very impressive because the scene is dominated by a large boulder and the sea as background. The event continues with the scene of the Praetorian Guard in Piazza San Gaetano where the buildings are the real "scenes" of this moment, the Way of the Cross continues along the course to reach to Piazzale del Soccorso for the scene of the crucifixion and death of Jesus.
One of the novelties of the Passion 2014 certainly concerns the figure of Our Lady: “The gift that we want to do this year, says Ronga, to Forians, Ischians and all is the cameo of luxury that will be inside the Passion of Christ, organized by actus Tragicus because the part of the Virgin Mary was entrusted to the famous actress Lucianna foriana De Falco”.
The presence of Lucianna De Falco goes to embellish even more, an event that annually attracts hundreds of spectators between tourists and islanders, while there are about 100 participants between actors and extras that since the afternoon flow into the city center, turning Forio into the old Jerusalem. A work of patience and dedication that lasts several months, while it cements friendships and relationships, on the other restarting energy and vigor to offer a show every Friday remains in my heart as the wake of the Love that Christ has poured with his cross on each of us.
But after the death here is the dawn of Resurrection and Easter here in Forio is also synonymous with another great and unforgettable moment: the ANGEL’S RUN.
Every year, in fact, on Easter Sunday, the Forians join the curious and tourists, to attend a now secular representation, whose the first historical data back to 1620.
The Angel’s run intends to represent the moments after the Resurrection of Christ and the proclamation of the Resurrection of Mary. Everything takes place along Forio and has as protagonists the risen Jesus, the Virgin Mary, St. John and the Angel. The statues of Madonna, with her face covered by a long veil, and that of St. John, carried on the shoulders, are arranged along the left sidewalk of Corso Mattero Verde, at the Nautical Institute. The event starts around 11:30 am, after the celebration of the Mass of St. Mary of Arciconfraternita Visitapoveri which organizes the run and which houses the statue of the Angel. After this, the procession starts with a small procession, with the banner of heaven, followed by the cross of fraternity with the brothers. After them came up, the Angel, the clergy and the Risen Christ. Once at the center of Forio, the statue of the Angel and Christ occupy the road. On their arrival, the square is filled with the song “Regina coeli”. At the end of which, the angel turns to Christ, waiting for a repeat of the song, before bowing three times to the Redeemer. Finally he turns and begins its run between two sides of the crowd, to get to the Virgin Mary and St. John. He greets them with a triple bow and waits a few moments, as if to speak. St. John goes on a few steps, hopeful, but still incredulous. At this point the angel returns to Christ and to do so, goes back along the corridor of the crowd. The scene is repeated two more times. The third opportunity is decisive: the Angel stops under the bell tower of the Church of S. Maria di Loreto to allow the Madonna and St. John to reach Christ.
From this moment the crowd’s attention is focused on the Virgin Mary, because from there in a few minutes you can see the risen son. Once halfway Mother sees her son and began her run to embrace him. At that precise moment is slipped from the face of the Madonna of the long veil of pain and the bells ring in celebration as the flight of pigeons and confetti mixes with the singing of the "Regina Coeli" to greet with joy the Resurrection of Christ. The Madonna stands alongside her son. Meanwhile, advances the standard, which stops at Christ and the Virgin Mary, and the bearer lowers it to the ground three times in homage, being careful not to ever touch the asphalt. In this way we ensure the right to do it again the next year.
After the presentation, the procession comes again, and along the streets of the historical center of Forio returns Arciconfraternita of Visitapoveri waiting for another Easter not to forget!

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