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Tripadvisor 2015 - Travelers’ Choice Award

Tripadvisor 2015 - Travelers’ Choice Award

Ischiahas been chosen as thesecondbest islandof Italyby travelers.

Top ten in Italy, Ischia with its well-deserved second place has proven to be a tourist destination to the demands of every tourist who finds in the pretty and charming green island all that seeks: the relaxation and wellness of the spa to worldly pleasures by night of the island always surprising!


The island of Ischia, a land that is “in water” in the center of gravity of the western Mediterranean Sea. This is the place where the beauty of nature and landscapes - above and below the sea – merge with the charm of the modern events that are still full of mythical spirit.
The coastal areas and hills are an irresistible invitation for those who love to breathe the air like a prospector of atmosphere and natural pleasures. Ischia is “pop” and exclusive, original and proud of its history. An island to “breathe” forgetting the clock.
The color and sound vibrations of the landscape following the variations of the warm climate and intense light. An island of color, from the deep blue sea with its submerged Eden to the greenery of paths that are a real must-see nature trail, passing through the ocher and yellow of leaves of vineyards and chestnut orchards and gardens that depict the imagination.
The truth is that the pleasure of Ischia has the doors wide open and someone threw away the keys: do not be anxious to find them, let go!


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Prohibition of landing Ischia 2015

Prohibition of landing Ischia 2019

Ban on landing for the island of Ischia, issued by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.
Restrictions to the influx and circulation of vehicles on the island of Ischia starting from April 18 2019 until October 31 2019

DECREE 08 April 2019
Restrictions on the influx and circulation of vehicles on the Island of Ischia.
Considered appropriate to adopt the required measures restricting road traffic.




  Download the embarkation permit request form


Maritime transport less expensive for residents and tourists

From 1 October 2014, the private shipping company, Medmar, offers to all islanders the opportunity to ferry the car at a special rate, 40€ for a return ticket of any length. Until next March 15, 2015 will be enough 20 euro to travel on board by car and even just ten for a scooter or a motorcycle registered in Ischia.


Prices and sea links from and to Ischia

Rates and crossings to and from Ischia

The crossings to Ischia by sea allow you to reach the island in a short time from the ports of Naples, Mergellina and Pozzuoli. Shipping companies which carry out the service to Ischia are Alicost, Alilauro, Snav, Caremar and Medmar. Alicost, Alilauro, Snav and Caremar offer fast connection by hydrofoils, which provide for the boarding of passengers only, while Caremar and Medmar have ferries to embark also motor vehicles, motorcycles and trucks.
Ischia has 5 ports or ports of call including 2-enabled docking of ferries: the port of Ischia and Casamicciola Terme. The port of Forio however, allows only the docking of hydrofoils, and the only company calling there is Alilauro.
Some rides that connect the island to the coast, may also provide intermediate stops, such as the island of Procida, with the  Caremar and Snav companies, and Mergellina performed with the Alilauro company, which is the only company to manage crossings to Forio.

Embark from the Port of Naples

The means departing from the Port of Naples depart from the docks: Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa. From Beverello only hydrofoils depart while from Calata Porta di Massa only ferries. The two piers are connected by a free shuttle, active and free until midnight, time of the last ferry to Ischia, when expected.

Embarking from the port of Pozzuoli

The Port of Pozzuoli is recommended for those who want to reach Ischia by car, from which only ferries depart, and is well connected to the motorway via the ring road. To reach it from the motorway follow the directions for the ring road and the port of Naples, once on the ring road, drive up to the exit of Pozzuoli - Via Campana and follow the directions to the port.

Embarking from the port of Mergellina

From the Port of Mergellina depart only hydrofoils, so you cannot take the car. It is a marina managing primarily recreational services but still has a pier for the Alilauro hydrofoils. The nearby underground station (stop Mergellina which also serves as Metro) is a few hundred meters and is within walking distance.

The rates for shipping companies that connect the island of Ischia


Rates per each way

SALERNO - AMALFI o vv. € 8,00 € 6,00 / /
SALERNO - POSITANO o vv. € 12,00 € 9,50 / /
SALERNO - CAPRI o vv. € 21,00 € 15,10 / /
SALERNO - ISCHIA € 26,00 € 20,70 / /
AMALFI - POSITANO o vv. € 8,00 € 6,50 € 8,00 € 6,50
AMALFI - CAPRI o vv. € 19,30 € 14,00 / /
AMALFI - ISCHIA € 25,00 € 20,10 / /
AMALFI - SORRENTO / / € 17,00 € 12,30
POSITANO - CAPRI o vv. € 17,70 € 13,40 / /
POSITANO - SORRENTO / / € 16,00 € 11,20
POSITANO - ISCHIA € 24,10 € 20,10 / /


Residual rides:

Ischia - Beverello (or vv) the standard tickets will cost € 18,90, children’s tickets will cost € 12.90, the resident rate will cost 7,90 and subscriptions will cost € 98.20. For groups, the one-way tickets are € 15,20.
Beverello-Forio (or v/v) the standard tickets will cost € 20,10, children’s tickets will be €13,40, the resident rate will be 7.80 euro and subscriptions will be of 103,30 €. For groups, the one-way tickets will be € 15,20.
Mergellina - Ischia (or v/v) the ordinary will be € 18,90, children’s tickets will be € 12,90, the resident rate will be €7,90 and subscriptions will be € 98.20. For groups, the one-way tickets are € 15,20.

New tariffs OSP Lines:

Ischia - Beverello (or v/v) the standard ticket will be € 17,60, children’s tickets will be € 12,90 and the resident rate will be € 5,50. For groups, the one-way tickets are € 17.60.
Beverello - Forio (or vv) the standard ticket will be € 18,70, children’s tickets will be € 13,40 and the resident rate will be € 5,20. For groups, the one-way tickets are € 15,20.
Ischia - Mergellina (or v/v) the standard ticket will be € 17,60, children’s tickets will be € 12.90 and the resident rate will be €5,20. For groups, the one-way tickets are € 14.90.


Prices Ischia-Naples and vice versa

  • SHIP STANDARD 11,50€

Prices Pozzuoli Ischia-and vice versa





Ischia-Pozzuoli/Napoli and vicersa

Adult: 11,30€ | Children 4-12 anni 6,40€


Vehicles ------------> up to 4 m 45€ (vehicle + driver)

             ------------> up to 4.50 m 57€ (vehicle + driver)

             --------------> over  4.50 m 68€ (vehicle + driver)


Vehicles ------------> up to 4 m 57€ (vehicle + driver))

             ------------> up to 4.50 m 71€ (vehicle + driver)

             --------------> over  4.50 m 84€ (vehicle + driver)


Veicoli------------> up to 4 m 73€ (vehicle + driver)

         ------------> up to 4.50 m 86€ (vehicle + driver)

        --------------> over  4.50 m 94€ (vehicle + driver)

Infant 0-2 2,10€




Casamicciola - Napoli and viceversa

Ordinary ticket 18,60€

Resident 5,60€

Children up to 12 12,90€

Kids 0-4 gratis

Casamicciola - Procida and viceversa

Ordinary ticket 9,70€

Resident 2,60€

Children 6,30€

Kids 0-4 gratis



Bus times and routes


The city is easily reachable by any means of transportation. The fast local, national and international services are free of charge and guarantee a good supply system.
Naples has three stations:
- Stazione Centrale di piazza Garibaldi, to the East of the city; the port is reachable by taxi, bus or tram from the adjoining square, the bus departures to the port occur every 10 minutes, while for tram every 15 minutes.
- Stazione Mergellina, at the homonym port reachable on foot;
- Stazione Pozzuoli Solfatara, in the upper Pozzuoli, 900 mt from the port, reachable by bus. Click here to see bus times and routes
Info: tel 89.20.21 operating throughout Italy from any fixed-line telephone and without prefix(Freefone 800639525).
The links from the province of Naples are served by the Circumvesuviana (Freefone 8000553939)
For the public services of the city of Naples, view the web pagesCpt - Anm - Sepsa - Sita



Bus times and routes on the Island of Ischia and in Naples.


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Le Guide di Ischia newsTo know and move on Ischia


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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
  • Lat.: 40° 44',82 N
  • Long.: 13° 56',58 E
  • Periplus: 18 miglia
  • Coasts: 51.2 Km
  • Cities: 6
  • Inhabitants: 58.029


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