The Baiola Tower

Forio d'Ischia
Forio d'Ischia - 80075
Strada comunale Baiola

The Baiola Tower
The Baiola tower, like the other ones, has a tuff retaining wall; the corners reinforced by shaped block. The tower consists of a ground floor, first and second floor: enter an indoor stairs, at the first floor steep stairs, at the second one an outdoor staircase. The tower, in square shape, has inside a vertical parameter, and the second torus is broken in correspondence with the balcony opening at the second level. The permanent structure is made of tuff, reinforced by shaped blocks. The slits, in high side, are located in couple by the square sides. The only original covering of the Baiola tower called also Sferratore, like owner’s name, is that one of the mezzanine floor, with pavilion vault; the covering of the first and second floor, to the vaults collapse, like the last part of the tower, during the 1883 earthquake, were placed by wood floor, differently divided.

Historical critical info
The building is called Sferratore, like its owner’s name. present in the island plants of Ortelio (1590) and Magini (1620), among the square towers, probably the most ancient ones. It was built like control tower for peasants, in central position, to control the sea view along the street which leads to Casamicciola. Both the structure and the urban context have changed in time. Afterwards the collapse of vaults during the 1883 earthquake, the coverings of the first and second floor and the last part of the tower were built hrough wood floors; the only covering surviving. Easily visible thanks to its position along the street to Casamicciola (nowadays called Via Borbonica), the Baiola tower was included into the built up area of Forio. Nowadays the tower is part of a decay atmosphere, result of the 1883 earthquake.


Place: Baiola street.
Town: 80075 - Forio
Cadastre: f 14 n. 546.
Period: second half XVI sec.
Original destination:control tower
Actual tower: home.
Property: private.
Tutelary law 1497 of 1939.
Plan: square.
Roofing:terrace plan.
Vault or floors: Pavilion vault and wood floors.
Stairs: rampant stairs.
Building: permanent structure in tuff stone.
Grounds: lapillus.
Decorations:torus in lavic stone.
state of preservation: mediocre

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