Port of Casamicciola

Casamicciola Terme
Port of Casamicciola
Casamicciola Terme - 80074
Marina di Casamicciola Terme
+39 081 980175

Port of Casamicciola
The port of Casamicciola is located to the north of the island of Ischia and is protected by two piers: breakwater dock shaped three-arm with a crank and a pier.

- Dangers: pay attention to the undertow and winds at the entrance because is very exposed to the open sea.

- Opening: always.

- Access: keep strictly to the straight and go slowly (maximum speed of 3 knots).

- Headlights and taillight: 2386 (E 1606) - 2386 (E 1606) - Green flashing light 4 sec., range 5 M scale, set back about 20 m from the end of reef breakwater; 2386.2 (E 1606.2) - fixed red light beacon range 2 M, the head of the pier breakwater (keep at least 20 m from the beacon).

- Bed: sandy.

- Floors: at the dock from 0.50 to 5 m.

- Radio: hf channel 09 Cala degli Aragonesi - vhf channel 08 Marina di Casamicciola.

- Places for boats: 300 whose 10 in transit.

- Overall length: 80 m.

- Prohibitions: look Ordinance No. 07/03 Prison Maritime Office of Ischia.

- Winds: I and IV quadrant.

- Misfortune: I quadrant.

- Close to: II and III quadrant.

- The nearest safe harbor: bay to the east and west of the port.

Areas reserved to pleasure crafts
Areas reserved to pleasure crafts
Outside facing i", mooring dock and No. 2 floating piers with services - "Marina di Casamicciola" mooring dock and floating docks, dock, "GM Nautica "dock with mooring facilities.

Per contattare il porto

VHF canale 16-09 (Cala degli Aragonesi)
VVHF channel 08 with floating docks of the Cit
coordinates: 40°45',07 N 13°54',73 E

- Cala degli Aragonesi v. Marina, 1
tel. 081.980686
- Comune Casamicciola Terme vicolo Paradisiello, 1
tel. 081.5072511
- Piazza Marina, 1 tel. 081.994152
- Soc. G.M. Nautica v. Castanito, 47 tel. - Gm Nautica 3386003094

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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
  • Lat.: 40° 44',82 N
  • Long.: 13° 56',58 E
  • Periplus: 18 miglia
  • Coasts: 51.2 Km
  • Cities: 6
  • Inhabitants: 58.029


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