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Milone Tower or of San Vito
The tower is also called Milone or of Liviero. It's also known as the tower of St. Vito, the name of the street where it is set. Founded as a refuge and defense building, is now a private home. It has a square plan, with a ground floor, a mezzanine and first floor. It has a masonry of tufa stone, plastered faux rusticated ground floor and smooth the top. The final part presents a parapet containment.

Historical and critical info
Following the Turks’ raids who infested the forian coasts since 1558, as remembered by a document of the Royal Court, on 15/6/1567, 7 towers were erected by certain citizens, well-equipped with weapons in which people of that house can take refuge in case of the marauding Turks. "Among these is the tower Milo, to which was added in 700 the palace of the same name, built, therefore, to defend the mainly developed around the parish church of St. Vito (XIV) as can be seen from the incision shown on the title the book of G. Jasolino (1588).
A square, the tower grows in the ground floor, mezzanine and first floor. The tower of tufa stone, completely plastered in imitation ashlar ground floor flat on the top floor, is built around the vertical and facing the outside of a truncated pyramid up to the first bull of separation, upon which the shelf of the balcony.
The end has no crown and features a simple parapet containment.
Reached the square of the Basilica of San Vito is already possible to see the Torone. At the very beginning of Via degli Agrumi (at the end of Via San Vito and crossing with Via Chiena) on the right after a short flight of stairs in Basalt is the entrance of the Tower.


Place: S. Vito.
Period: second half of the XVI cent.
Original use: tower of defense and refuge.
Today's use: home.
Property: private.
Protection laws: 1497 of 1939.
Plan: square.
Roofing: terrazzo style.
Vaults or attics:pavillion valut.
Stairs: interior.
Masonry: masonry in tuff rock.
Floors:lapillus stones.
External decorations: torus in lava stone.
State of preservation: good

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