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A.P. Ischia Nuoto
The Polisportiva Ischia Swimming Association was officially founded on March 9, 1988 by the will of prof. Silvano Brandi and other water sports enthusiasts. The original name, Dynamic Water, is replaced with Ischia NUOTO. The company’s roots go as far, however, sought precisely in 1982 when the then Polisportiva Ischia, as well as offering gymnastics, swimming lessons and also followed, in that year Silvano Brandi began to train the pioneers of the island swim. There was training in a pool of eighteen feet per twelve in summer at the outdoor pool Noris and one of eighteen meters per seven at the pool Olympus of Maronti in winter. The water was strictly thermal and ... was not exactly ideal for athletic activities. Training was with very hot water on Monday that it cooled gradually until it becomes cold on Friday, then began again. The desire to swim was great and exceeded many hardships.
Part of the historical group of swimmers, who in those years shouldered fatigue of workouts in the pool and sea, now form the core of the technical staff of the Ischia Nuoto. The four Tripicchio brothers always followed by the late Father Umberto, Cristiano Ielasi with his mother Sabine, the first true promoter of the island swimming, the three Santangelo sisters, Monica Di Scala and the then budding champion Marina Borraccia bottle carrier representing the group of swimming in Ischia. The competitions were attended mainly to the sea and, often, our athletes excelled in the various categories. The coach Silvano Brandi followed the first course and since then has always been connected to the world of swimming. It was in that year, thanks to a historic swimming briefcase, which attended the whole council of Ischia, which came out of the concrete design of a pool in Ischia. Since 1987, with the opening of the public pool of Ischia, the company is committed to the growth of the island swimming, with the primary goal of quality services, with qualified instructors. The technical staff fully qualified ISEF can count on eight graduates, four coaches FIN, FIN seven second-level instructors. All have followed the various stages and refresher courses to keep pace with technology and new technologies. The diversification of courses that the company offers various makes which seem to approach the water by users. Today Ischia NUOTO continues to focus on quality and is enhancing the competitive sector with a more extensive participation of its members.

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  • Surface: 46 Kmq
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