il risveglio di tifeo ad Ischia

The Tifeo’s sigh

... A jump, the Tifeo’s sigh ... so the ancients would tell the Casamicciola quake that upset the Ischian summer!
In their imagination, Ischia, the island born from the sea, between myth and legend, was the fruit of the proud fight of the Titans against the King of the Gods, the Supreme Jupiter. He, angry about their rebellion, hurled a mountain against giant Tifeo, who fell into the sea near the beach of Miseno and formed a new island with him on his belly. The legend of Tifeo who, with the other Titans, wanted to attack the Olympus, is still alive in the stories of the Ischitans, especially in the names of some island towns. Where is set Testaccio is the Tifeo’s head, where is Panza his body and belly in Lacco Ameno where the Fungo rises from the sea the unmistakable part of his body.

san michele

San Michele in the charm of the village of S. Angelo

Sant'Angelo, a small seaside village on the south of the island, on September 29 and 30, renews the homage to the Patron saint every year.
Don Vincenzo Fiorentino, son of the close village of Panza, has been parish priest of Sant’Angelo for over 50 years, leading one of the smallest parishes of the island, active as such since 1905 after years of “dependence” from the S. Parish Maria del Carmine in Serrara.
Tourists and villagers who do not hesitate to book their stay in the hotels in the area in advance expect these wonderful days annually.


The Nitrodi Ninfe Park in Ischia is one of the oldest spa in history

“Salus per aquam et herbas”, this inscription engraved on a metal plate by artist Paolo May, welcomes the customers of the oldest spa in our Mediterranean territory, located in a hamlet of the municipality of Barano d’Ischia, Buonopane, the source of Nitrodi Nymphs. Today it is a place where body care is accompanied by the spirit thanks to the introspection of two young Ischiansb Giuseppe Di Meglio and Luciano Iacono who have seen in the presence of healthy waters for the body an opportunity to develop around the spring a true wellness center. The ISCHIA SPAEH Srl - Source Management of Nitrodi Ninfe contains in the acronym SPAEH “Salus per aquam et herbas” the mission that the society of the young Ischian people has given since 2013, that is to transform, this place, already famous for its healing properties of its waters in a true oasis of well-being and relaxation.

bettina logo

Essential is visible in Bettina Buttgen’s eyes

Listening to Bettina Buttgen, a multifaceted artist of German origins is an unmissable opportunity. Her creations are indispensable. It is a world made of workmanship and textures, frequencies and vibrations that have a material tonality and point to the world of men the source of energy by which it is possible to break the silence of silence and the dullness that surrounds it.
It is in balance with everyday life, with its frenetic rhythms and widespread schizophrenia, of stress and normality passed off as art and feeling at home. It is enough to cross the threshold of her atelier-lab, which uses to create with own her hands limited-production of items, in front of the promenade leading to Cava dell’Isola Beach, in Forio on the highway, to reach a lost place in some dimension.

castello vino

Return to the castle wine

Set in the ancient village of Celsa, the Aragonese Castle. Ancient stronghold dating from the time of Geron, in 476 BC. What that seems to be a fascinating two-dimensional postcard from a distance hides a small world full of art and lively life. The narrow tunnels, the stairs climbing over the towers, the ancient walls, still today are able to evoke the charm and the magic of this ancient noble residence.

Corbaro Park 1922

Corbaro Park, between nature and magic

Two stories that cross, that one of Max and Nino, driven by the same desire to catch their time, their spaces, and their desire to decide their own lives. On the wave of a synchronous inner change, they decide to say good-bye to their old life, made of noise, chaos, and horns that sound like crazy and devote themselves to nature; a therapeutic way to dedicate themselves to autonomy, independence, freedom, without deadlines and without bosses.
Massimo de Michele is a desiner in Naples who works in the furniture sector, a job that is not satisfied with satisfaction, but with relentless rhythms, rhythms that no longer satisfy his needs; he wants to be quiet and to give his time a different cadence. The choice that will change his life is the result of an inner metamorphosis that will take him to Corbaro, a handkerchief in the Forio municipality. At only one hour and twenty by ferry there is Gaetano Cotugno who lives in his kingdom: the kitchen. He loves his work but does not feel it his own; the kitchen seems to him a box from which he sees his time, days, seasons, as in a sort of hellish automation. It is like watching TV where the scene is always the same. Max and Nino want to twist their lives and the fate put them on the same path. The first time they go to the place that will become Corbaro Park, they seem to be in the presence of an old, knackered and crumbling woman...


The enchantment of the hamlet of S. Angelo

“Every morning when I look at Sant’Angelo I always get the same joyful emotion: this place really exists I did not dream it. Tomorrow will be ten days I’m here and I have the feeling they will have a decisive importance for my whole future life”. These are the words of Eduard Bargher, who along with Werner Gilles, two of the “degenerate artists” banned from Nazism, in his long travelling to the south of Europe in search of a place to live and that light of the Mediterranean Sea that only In Ischia he said he had found, wrote about Sant’Angelo.
A small hamlet that over the course of time enchanted and continues to enchant those who are fortunate to visit it, even for a very short time. In this beautiful village, hamlet of the Municipality of Serrara Fontana, on all stands out an islet also called “Torre di S.Angelo”.

phoca thumb l er0397 aaa 4339

Sant’Anna, an endless charm

The Sant’Anna celabration dates back to a tradition of the last century. On July 26, each year, pregnant women went in procession to worship the Mother of Madonna who was in a chapel in Cartaromana Bay. They were accompanied by a procession of anglers’ boats, which for the occasion adorned the hull with bushes and flower garlands.

andar per cantine

Visiting wineries 2017

The smiling face of Anna Falchi, testimonial of a special edition. A renewed formula to celebrate the decade without naturally forgetting the philosophy of an event that exalts the bond between wine and territory, island and identity, myths and rituals.
From September 10 to 20, returns “Visiting wineries” organized by the Pro Loco Panza with the aim of leading tourists and islanders through the most truly beautiful corners of the island. Cellars and vineyards will tell in the wake of a lucky scenario that last year involved over two thousand visitors, the soul of a territory that since time immemorial has shown that it is able to celebrate the art of vintage. Also witnessed by the archaeological finds of the Greek age, first the famous Nestor Cup, on which a true hymn is written on wine.

s maria monte

Santa Maria al Monte, the simple beauty of a special day!

On September 12, feast of the name of Mary, the Church of Santa Maria al Monte in Forio at 400 mt. of height above sea level, it “lights up” and welcomes pilgrims from all over the island. Dug in part into the tuff, this “stone church” can be considered a distinctive example of rock architecture.
In his monograph, D’Ascia (1867) reports the news that the church was erected in 1596 by Sebastiano Sportiello to execute a homicide.

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