The harvest of thought, clusters of philosophy among people

From September 24 to 27
I had not thought of anything in recent months in Ischia. The fresh air of September (its blame!) is famous for outbursts obvious, of evocative power, dictated by the first freshness after the heat of summer. In the air, you breathe fig leaves that inevitably after the first storms through their unmistakable scent, remembering the harvest, the barrels to narrow with the seawater, in Ischia Ponte, where they are placed, filled, touched, caressed. The streets meet small rivers of water mixed with Dionysian remains of soft and acres smells at the same time: it is harvest time!
Just this week, last year, was realized the idea of the Festival of Philosophy, my constant thought. “Philosophy, the Castle and the Tower”, a strong headline and seemingly irrelevant to the event but from a point of view purely tourist.

villa amalia small

Action! It’s film tourism

What has the Aragonese Castle in common with the villa near Punta Caruso or the Citara beach with the farmhouse overlooking the promontory of San Pancrazio or the village of Sant’Angelo with the summit of Monte Epomeo? Ischia, like its wonders, is not limited and to tell it you can use hundreds of ways. Through the mountain trails climbing over the summit or with the feet in the granular sand of its beaches or overlook the Zaro viewpoint, looking at land, sea and sky blend into an ideal horizon whose line is intertwined with the Church of Soccorso. Ischia has given rise to painters, artists and poets, and hosted many others who came out of the continent. In addition, for some it has become a permanent home of life of desires. It has welcomed directors who have turned their sights into indelible images by making them such as collective memory of the world. It screened scenes in their eyes to create films such as “The Crimson Pirate” - 1952, directed by Robert Siodmak with actors such as Burt Lancaster, Nick Cravat and Eva Burton - who for the first time brought the spell of the exciting panoramas of the Aragonese Castle to an international audience.
When people go around the island, wonder what it was like in the past with the typical still-sunset scenes where land and magic, nowadays, encourage the exchange of jokes and pastimes in the same way as Hollywood stars.


The oasis of Aphrodite, of beauty and well-being

The beauty of the places, the powers of the spa and health treatments, in high summer, reach their ideal in the Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon, on the southern coast of the island. A large garden featuring 12 pools of thermal water that comes from one of the most important and healthy basins, that one of the area-Sant’ Angelo in Maronti.

Festivals in August, funny millennial rites

Festivals in August, funny millennial rites

The island of Ischia is a magical place, “en plein air for holidays”. Ready to welcome visitors and tourists of all kinds and nationalities with the desire to relax in what was the first Greek colony in the Mediterranean Sea.

serrara falanga

The Epomeo from Bracconiere

I do not have family brothers, but Michele, the “Bracconiere”, is my brother. He taught me - after the immature death of his real and unforgettable elder brother  Salvatore, a pilot of family and activity, as well  so he’s younger than me - to look away, to look  ahead, to look, if not the  sky, at least in front.

Ceramiche Rosario Scotto

Artisans, what passion!

Among the many treasures that Ischia keeps, there are some craftsmen who create their works with respect and passion and that is nice to go to find out.


San Giovan Giuseppe in St. Alessandro Estate

This weekend let a drink wait for, at sunset pull out wicker baskets (maybe the ones that are intertwined in Ischia ed), wear comfortable shoes and hat and get Tenuta San Giovan Giuseppe at St. Alessandro to collect vegetables at 0 km.
Park your car along the town on foot, then follow the steps leading to the beach of Inglesi.

Ischia: Un'Antica Isola Teraupetica

Ischia: An Ancient Island Apothecary

For more than two millennia, the thermal waters of Ischia have been known for their extraordinary healing properties. Here, waters issuing from more than a hundred springs are able to ameliorate ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica and a host of respiratory illnesses, allergies and skin conditions. Ischia’s waters’ magical properties were first recognized by the ancient Greeks, who established a trading hub on the island in the VIII century B.C.
It seems like a veritable who’s who of Greek and Roman poets and commentators such as Virgil, Homer, Ovid, Statius and Lucan, to name a few, described Ischia as having been inhabited by giants. One in particular, named Typhon was the monstrous son of Gaea, goddess of the Earth and Tartarus, god of the Underworld. He was the personification of volcanism since flames gushed from his mouth. In a presumptuous move, he challenged Zeus to a fight, which he lost. Seeking a suitable punishment for the hothead, Zeus buried him under the island of Ischia. Unable to endure the humiliation, the angry giant struggled to free himself, spewing forth flames and boiling water and shaking the earth with his restless movement. Frustrated that he could not escape his fate, he began to cry so intensely that Aphrodite was moved to free him, turning his tears into waters with healing powers.


Poseidon, the pearl of the Mosaic

“The spa of the island of Ischia represent a mosaic of natural healing in which the individual tiles are to be reinforced in synergy each other”. This was stated by prof. Massimo Mancioli (1921-1994) one of the most distinguished physicians of-hydrologists of the island of Ischia and author of a seminal text on the therapeutic power of Ischia.
In this natural mosaic where the Water is Life, Poseidon Gardens represent the pearl.

Santo Antonio from Padova and Lisbon

Santo Antonio from Padova and Lisbon

For the majority of the italians Sant’Antonio from Padova is strictly Italian and, in effect Italy had an important role in his life and he has indicated Padova as the city to be connected to him in his “eternal life”. His real name was Fernando Martins de Bulhões and was born in Lisbon, in an important family. He studied in the same city before moving to Coimbra when the capitol city seemed to be not so suitable for his studies and his meditation.

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