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The Archaeological Museum of Pithekoussai Reliquary or cultural attraction?

There is no magic in what is related to the spaces of Villa Arbusto if magic is not a visceral affection and emotional memory, the sense of belonging and the desire to return. I met it in decent abandonment of dust that hid the tiles of its bright tiled or wore out those scattered in the park; I lived in the years of my studies among the shelves of the store at which the precious relics of Pithekoussai were  sorted and stored, when it was taken for upcoming sorting of the museum; I visited it admired,  returned to culture with commendable effort, acropolis of a story found, opposite the oldest acropolis in Greece of the West. And I went back several times. Many people tell me, though, the Archaeological Museum of  Pithekoussai does  not work.


That cooler air

Sandra waited September. She waited since June 29, the day when the family moved bag and baggage to Ischia, carrying mattresses and even refrigerators. The school was finally over, Sandra with siblings and cousins disembarked by ferry on the day of St. Peter and Paul with a vibrant happiness made of waiting. The “promised land”, she called in her heart, and she thought about which foot should touch the ground “coveted” of the green island.

Foto Cervino 1

My islands and ... “The conquest of Matterhorn”

On September 18 at the Castle
Ischia, the Aragonese Castle.
Another port for my ship.
Yes, my love for Ischia, for the sea, to the South and my stay more than thirty years in the Valle d'Aosta continue to be felt. I visit the island since 1973, when I came to do my representation in Ischia Ponte with Tino Buazzelli, a great Italian actor. Since then I come on the island every year for the need to recharge. The smells, the colors and the people they captured. Ischia is a magical place. Margherita Ivaldi, Asti Master, Giuseppe Iodice, “maitre” of Casa Gerardo, Mariolino Capuano, painter of Pinocchio and again Nicola Mattera a gentleman driving the Castle are my companions in this fantastic journey.
And so the idea of putting on a show that talks about the mountains bringing together two worlds so different and magical at the same time, fulfilled a dream of my life: to bring the theater, my theater, in the most distant of my cultural roots. I am man of the Turin Hills I stage the meeting of the Matterhorn, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world with the island of Ischia, almost a meeting at Teano, a tribute to the Vesuvius.

The evolution of wonders inside the Aragonese Castle

The evolution of wonders inside the Aragonese Castle

The refrain shakes me, comes and goes, hovering in memory: «È del poeta il fin la meraviglia... // ... chi non sa far stupir, vada alla striglia!»

These are the famous verses by Giambattista Marino, the Great poet of baroque poetry. It has been four centuries, and its strength does not leave me for the disruptive contemporary, dressed up with a peppery vein that reveals a necessary, essential and raw truth. The “poet” of rhyme is the “artist” in itself, to put it bluntly. Why do I start with him? It is easy to say.
I returned days ago in the monumental area of the Aragonese Castle.

Giardini Poseidon

Philosophy, the island and the spa - Waiting for the festival in September

The island was scorched by the heat of August. Especially near post sundials between 13 and 16. Trying refreshment - the heat raged - I decided to dive into the water. I alternated, although it seemed inappropriate, a swim in the sea and a sauna, then give me a break in the pool.

Andar per cantine 2073

Visiting wineries edition VIII

In a successful book of 2003 titled «Cunicoli e lapilli. Ischia, conigli e dintorni», I so explained some curious aspects of the island. Ischia – I wrote among other things – “is a land of Lilliput and lapilli, burrows, tunnels, holes, ditches, cellars, wine presses, niches, caves, caverns, caves, caves, cavities, hideouts, shelters, woods, shadows, channels , tanks, wells, moons, craters, shower heads, hollows, caves, thickets, ravines, gullies, veins, groundwater, springs, tuffs scratched, stone houses.

castello in piu

One more treasure

One of the places that fascinate me more in Ischia is definitely the Aragonese Castle. Although it is familiar, surprises me every time I look it, a different color of some its former building, a plant or a flower that I had not yet seen.
This year the biggest surprise that I found in the church of the eighteenth century are two fascinating Egyptian sarcophagi and a table for mummy coming from Brussels. This “out of place” has given me thoughts and emotions that led me to collect as many pieces as possible.

Notte di mezza estate giardini la mortella 1250

The dream at Mortella in a midsummer night

Take the work by William Shakespeare, perhaps the most important playwright of whom recurs this year the 400th anniversary after his death. Take La Mortella and its own private garden, designed by Russell Page, and created since 1956 by Susana Walton, the largest one in Italy and perhaps in Europe. Here plays “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the mysterious charm of a place that at 21:00 of every Friday of July becomes the home of fairies, elves and goblins that wander through the narrow streets and whose shadows extend unhindered between fountains , ponds and a light sea breeze that floods the promontory of Zaro. Think of a particular tour operator like Platypus specialized in school camps, school trips and excursions, made up of young people from different skills and who has studied the way to bring in this Mediterranean and subtropical nursery, for the first time, the English poet’s masterpiece. Think, then, that after two years of trials and projects, today, with the theater company «Artù», in a unique and rewarding synergy, has been realized, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.


The harvest of thought, clusters of philosophy among people

From September 24 to 27
I had not thought of anything in recent months in Ischia. The fresh air of September (its blame!) is famous for outbursts obvious, of evocative power, dictated by the first freshness after the heat of summer. In the air, you breathe fig leaves that inevitably after the first storms through their unmistakable scent, remembering the harvest, the barrels to narrow with the seawater, in Ischia Ponte, where they are placed, filled, touched, caressed. The streets meet small rivers of water mixed with Dionysian remains of soft and acres smells at the same time: it is harvest time!
Just this week, last year, was realized the idea of the Festival of Philosophy, my constant thought. “Philosophy, the Castle and the Tower”, a strong headline and seemingly irrelevant to the event but from a point of view purely tourist.


The oasis of Aphrodite, of beauty and well-being

The beauty of the places, the powers of the spa and health treatments, in high summer, reach their ideal in the Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon, on the southern coast of the island. A large garden featuring 12 pools of thermal water that comes from one of the most important and healthy basins, that one of the area-Sant’ Angelo in Maronti.

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