"Perfume of story"

It’s the story of a family, before being that one of a company, that one of Johannes Scotti, his wife Adua and daughters, Alessandra and Donatella estimated for four generations in the activity carried out in their perfume shops.
As Milan has its “Mazzolari”, Rome “Castelli” and Bologna “Limoni”, Ischia also can boast the history of a great little reality like this, that in the 1960s has also launched its own perfume, that someone remembers in a red box with the coat of arms of grandmother.

Un uomo di carattere - Letteralmente

A man of character. Literally

Meeting with a master of lettering design, graphic design and visual communication. Born in Forio, he lives in Brooklyn and teaches at the university in New York, is the creator of “Serif Gothic font”, and is viscerally tied to the land and language of origin, in the spirit of pleasure. And of a contagious and ironic transgression.


San Giovan Giuseppe della Croce island patron saint

Patron Saint of the whole island but above all an islander, St Giovan Giuseppe of the Cross is the Protector of the island communities, a figure so loved as to have devotees around the whole world, Ischians who for various reasons have had to leave their beloved green island, yet maintain alive their ties with their island of origin.

Il naufragar m'è dolce in questo Mari di guai

Being shipwrecked is sweet to me in this ... Mari di Guai!

I meet Maria Luigia Ungaro, called Marilisa by friends and known as “Mari di Guai”, to the sea. A day with the sun, and while in Naples it rains, we taste coffee in Bagno Ricciulillo. “I dream of waking me up one day and face the satisfaction of having achieved what I wanted”, she says. Independent, determined, she loves being the center of attention because she loves the exchange that comes from the audience, especially when she performs.


The Encadde vineyard

His name is Antonio D'Abundo, but everyone knows him as Floruccio. Descendant of a family of Panza census in 1500, after traveling on merchant ships for many years, he returned permanently in his native country, he started a family, opened a stationery shop and dedicated to fulfilling a dream. With painstaking patience has indeed sought and saved from certain "oversight" at least 50 local vineyards, including also those ones of ancient tradition of Ischia. Grapes of that island that was once called Aenaria, ie Land of Wine.

The eye of the drone flying over the island’s beauties

The eye of the drone flying over the island’s beauties

«Ischia, a paradise seen from the sky» welcomes shooting by Gianni Mattera, chef and photographer in love of his land in the sea I had the good fortune to fly over the island for three times. In the beginning of August a long time ago, tied to the rigid safety belt on a heavy institutional helicopter with the legendary photographer of Il Mattino, Antonio Troncone, we had to make a report of the press and tourism and, for a few minutes, we touched lightly crests of hills upside down, because our phantasmagoric pilot wanted to play a little bit with us guests on board, bipeds with roots accustomed to the ground!


Celebrating September, between mountains and sea

September, the month of strong and intense colors, where nature gives its most beautiful fruits after the summer heat, for Ischia is also a month of important religious festivals or not. Two in particular, reveal "pristine" all their beauty and their charm despite the diversity that characterizes them.
On September 12, the Mary’s name day, the Church of Santa Maria al Monte in Forio 400 mt. height above sea level, is "light of life" and welcomes pilgrims from all over the island.

giardini-poseidon Top

Poseidon Gardens

According to the ancient Greeks, Poseidon ruled the seas using his sharp newt to better hold off many marine agents. Entering the famous Giardini Poseidon in Forio, the largest thermal park of the island of Ischia, you pass under a huge statue of the god of the sea and reflecting for a moment on the immensity of the sea and the extraordinary power that God had to have, by testing awe.

IMG 9645

Il Vagnitiello: a cascade of emotions

At the entrance of the charming Casamicciola your eyes will be attracted by the wonders of the thermal park “Vagnitiello”. The Passionist Fathers in Ischia talked about it stating sure as hell: “Bathe there ... and you will be healed”. This demonstrates the high regard that have had, since ancient times, the waters of this charming establishment located on the sea, sheltered from the wind and away from the stress and frenzy of everyday life, wrapped in the colors and scents of the typical Mediterranean maquis.


San Giovan Giuseppe in St. Alessandro Estate

This weekend let a drink wait for, at sunset pull out wicker baskets (maybe the ones that are intertwined in Ischia ed), wear comfortable shoes and hat and get Tenuta San Giovan Giuseppe at St. Alessandro to collect vegetables at 0 km. Park your car along the town on foot, then follow the steps leading to the beach of Inglesi.

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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
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