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Piano & Jazz on the island

Why are there throughout Italy events and jazz evenings? Is it the jazz that goes out of fashion or something really is changing in the musical culture of our country? One thing is certain; we can no longer talk about jazz as niche music for the chosen few or experts of the field. Improvisation, phrasing, contamination. The spread of this kind of music among the most dense and significant of the twentieth century is certainly tied to the spirit behind this art.


The Alum path

The subsection of CAI Ischia has celebrated the arrival of summer, with an excursion that brought the group (consisting of all islanders, about twenty) to relive a piece of history of our beautiful green island. In this itinerary we covered the ancient Via Crateca, called by local farmers “Via dei Carri” that, once from Fango, in the municipality of Lacco Ameno, an old farming village and important site for the development of the island spa ...


Maronti of Corafà

Testaccio is now part of the municipality of Barano, but in the past, from 1806 to 1879, was one of the municipalities of the island of Ischia. At that time the expanse of Maronti was the culminations of all types of boats come from the near and far beaches and the road that leaded to Marina from the town center was just called “the road of the trade”. Many people were strangers who came to Testaccio, or because they need care at the Olmitello source or because they were simply eager to travel and learn.


The Midsummer Night

On Thursday, August 15 at the latitude and longitude of the island of Ischia the sun will rise at 6:16 a.m. and will set at 20:04 p.m. The day will last about 14 hours and the night around 10. If you could “do something crazy” twice a year rather than once as warned the Latins, according to whom “Semel in year licet insanire”, choosing the dates of Dec 31, the last day of the longest night of the year, and August 15 with the shortest night.


Maltese, forian poet

100 years after his death (January 7, 1852 - August 21, 1913), our magazine wants to recall a genius artist, Giovannangelo Nicola Maltese. Forian poet and sculptor whose talent has been driven by land considered a free interpreter of nature and life with that innate spiritual energy, father of true masterpieces. The Torrione, which the artist received in lease by the Mayor Orazio Patalano, became his studio and now houses his works.


80th edition of the Sea Festival on the rocks of Sant'Anna

Due to bad weather, 80 Edition of the festival at sea of St. Anna will be postponed from Thursday 26 to Saturday 28 July. This was announced by the Head of Tourism of the Municipality of Ischia, Feel the views of the manufacturers of boats, the appointment for the traditional parade of floats in the sea, the fireworks and the burning of the Castle, is postponed to Saturday evening at 21.00.

The festival of Sant'Anna, a unique appointment for the island of Ischia, colours the evening at the end of July.

phoca thumb l sant anna incendio del castello

The island of silence, diary of a trip to Sant’ Anna

Ischia, with its 8.14 km square, whose name derives from “Insula Maior” then changed into “Iscla”, is the capital city of the island. It is divided into two parts, “Ischia Porto” that it is one of the main settlements and “Ischia Ponte” called in this way because of the stone bridge - in wood, until the ‘700 - which connects the village with the Aragonese Castle. With its 19,000 inhabitants, it has a population that has made of solidarity and the spirit of sharing the strong pillars on which it bases the history and tradition.

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All “stars” of the Eden Garden

The “levanter” is not just a wind: the sailors and anglers know the morning and Eastern breeze very well. Soft and warm, this breath warmed only by the first sun of the day helps to create a special microclimate, ideal for a swim in the clear sea. It is like the bath of awakening, an immersion in nature: it is invigorating and refreshing.


The alley of San Gaetano

It is for some years now that the street of San Gaetano seems to have returned a reference point for the walking day and forian night life. The ancient deposits of fishermen and the old houses that overlook it little by little have redone the look, modernizing and becoming more comfortable..


La Mortella in music

Ischia, an island full of hidden gems. The charm of the landscape, the beauty of the beaches, the value of the spa envied and admired all over the world, alongside another cultural heritage certainly not less important. There are parks and gardens, located in the outskirts of the build up areas, which give richness that cannot be found on other islands.

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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
  • Lat.: 40° 44',82 N
  • Long.: 13° 56',58 E
  • Periplus: 18 miglia
  • Coasts: 51.2 Km
  • Cities: 6
  • Inhabitants: 58.029


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