The Cactus Cocktail, a succulent concentrate

Every corner of Ischia is lovely, but some places are endowed with a charm, definitely, out of the ordinary. In Forio, for example, in the place of magic sunsets set Giardini Ravino, a botanical park with a thousand of exotic shades. Spread over six thousand square meters of soil, the over 400 species of succulent plants from all over the world adorn this beautiful garden of shapes and dimensions so spectacular to seem almost unreal.

ischia safari

Ischia Safari, the festival of the good Italian cuisine

ISCHIA SAFARI, is the great festival that Nino Di Costanzo and Pasquale Palamaro have imagined and wanted as a tribute to the best Italian cuisine tradition.

On Monday September 18 at 19.30 at the Negombo Thermal Park in Lacco Ameno will begin the kermesse of the good taste that doubled the number of protagonists, from 50 to 100. A true army of pleasure joining the great chefs passion emerging young people, Chef Pâtissier and capable Neapolitan pizza interpreters, quality craftsmen, ice cream makers and vineyards among the best known in the world.

Posidonia nella zona acidifcata Castello Foto

The Villa Dohrn and the Benthos Ecology of Ischia center (Anton Dohrn Zoological Station in Naples)

At the beginning of the last century, Prussian naturalist Anton Dohrn, founder of the Zoological Station in Naples in 1872, regular visitor of the island of Ischia, decided to build a house on the hill of San Pietro. The construction work took place between 1905 and 1906. In addition to family vacation home, the Villa dell’acquario (so it was known locally) was acted as a hostel for guest and scientists friends.

ischia global fest

XV Ischia Global Fest dedicated to Pavarotti

To Luciano Pavarotti will be dedicated the 15th edition of Ischia Global Film & Music fest, which will be held from July 8 to 16, in the year of the decade of the disappearance of the legendary tenor. Tony Renis is the honorary president of the International Art Academy Ischia organizing the most anticipated event of the summer with great movie premieres, meetings and concerts. He announces: “we are preparing a great tribute on July 12 with the special screening of ‘Yes Giorgio’ the movie music by Franklin J. Schaffner where appears Pavarotti as actor, and a special section of the festival we will call ‘Pavarotti al cinema’ with pictures of his performances and the many contributions he has made to film and television productions.


Perfume and relax in the shadow of Poseidon

Flowers are eye-catching when you looking for relaxation and well-being, body and spirit requirements to foster harmony, especially after crossing the threshold of the Poseidon Thermal Garden. It is the oldest and largest park on Ischia, with its six acres of terraces, eight thousand square meters of beach and five hundred meters of coastline. The sea paints the scenery as you go down to find refreshment in the shade, on the terraces that dominate the Citara Bay, or even just to get away from the crowd or demons of an unhealthy daily life. There is a risk of losing any contact with reality and leaving room for the illusion once immersed in the newly created Artusa pool, with the sound of water flowing at 36° and with the eyes resting on mosaic walls, a fantastic world takes shape. On the thermal springs of Ischia - the park has so many and its beneficial effects are well known - many treatises have been written. They all praise the properties of water of volcanic origin imprisoned in the subsoil of the island. Time looks innocent of what is happening on earth and when it passes through Poseidon’s oasis, it seems to stop. Everything becomes unreal and poetic. With the gaze launched from one of the terraces - you can book it with a small surcharge and the extra services besides the frigobar there is also a personal assistant - shows you the way to fly on a scenario that finally illuminates the day. A mysticism that crosses the skin and senses while the smell of sulfur pushed by the sea breeze spreads in the comfort of the small paths. Water splashes and marks a seductive rhythm, hard to resist.

mortella ninfee

Mortella between music and summer smells

Walking among the flowers and smells of the tropical garden La Mortella, allows you to imagine in the eyes pictures of poetic beauty that binds the feeling of being out of the world. After its complete opening, which has attracted audiences from all over the world since the first weekend of April, was also inaugurated the concert season of chamber music that has always hosted young talent from heterogeneous nationalities and winners of some among the most prestigious international competitions. With the arrival of the summer, attention moves instead to the outdoor stage. From June 22, the Greek Theater with its Youth Orchestra tour will offer the possibility of immersing itself totally in music and nature.


Explaining territory. The art of Lucia Monti

Lucia reads the score of enology with great skill. She explains and reflects. Wine is like a melody of notes made from aromas, sugars and tannins. Notes that only a few have the gift of knowing how to shape. The oenologist is a master who directs, assembles and creates. He reads the territory and interprets the needs of nature, folds cold and warm under the touch of knowledge and sensitivity, knows his vines one by one. There is no recipe or manual to create a wine that can teach this cryptic alchemy, but only great masters who direct their own music.

Hot springs nearby the sea for a touch of freedom

Hot springs nearby the sea for a touch of freedom

About the thermal springs of the island of Ischia, especially those of Casamicciola, many treaties have been written exalting each source and the therapeutic properties, manners and customs. Since the ‘500 and for over three hundred years, studies and observations of these manifestations of volcanic activity were the center of medical textbooks and teachers from the University of Naples as those of foreign scholars. All praised the thermal properties of thermal water trapped underground and in specific contours of the island, however, that once known would have kidnapped anyone, not just for its volcanic water. Since then, time looks at what happens on earth.

cantina del mare

La Cantina del mare. Port of artists, dreams and destiny

I meet up, one evening in Lacco Ameno with Patricia Gialloreto and Pierpaolo Iovinelli.  He in a crisp white shirt and blue jeans sporting a natural full beard.  She wearing a colourful dress that highlights her blonde hair and fair complexion.  Partners in life their story was born of pure chance or due to a combination of choices.  La Cantina del Mare is a harbor. A romantic place where people come and go.  Born out of a magic combination of dreams and the mission to bring people to Ischia to marvel at the sea, the walking paths and the incredible panoramas. La Cantina del Mare is a place where you can get comfortable and savour the wonderful food or use as a jumping off point for new experiences or even to find love, like them. English, French, or Swedish, languages intertwine and mix with the sound of the clinking of glasses that are the soundtrack of relaxed good times.

Antonio e Nicola - L’azienda Mazzella a Campagnano

Antonio and Nicola, the wine and the sea - The Mazzella Company in Campagnano

Try to make this gesture, no ritual, along with me, Antonio: go into the vineyard and collect a pile of Forastera, blonde, swollen and mature. Then raise your arm and begins to tighten it slowly through fingers, feeling the crunch of the sweet berries that open, letting the juice flow along the palm and forearm for a bit of seconds. You see: it is only an idea of must, a foreshad-owing of wine.

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