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sposiSome time ago on TV it was sent a report dedicated to brides. Apparently there are many Italian women who put aside superstition and choose their own clothe accompanied by their partners. Well! If there is complicity, so be it, especially if the marriage in question is a bit over the top.

So, do not wrinkled your nose, because my fateful yes, or better for this second chance (imaginary), I would choose a sophisticated outfit, informal and without trains, that does not stay in the closet, ready to be revived only occasionally for nostalgia, waiting for being catapulted, with all its specific gravity, in the sale of some market. “Giussani” is the boutique right for me with its unique clothes that don’t pass by unnoticed, so I would be sure to buy it also at the last minute, without running the risk of a duplicate.
Everything must be natural and spontaneous, but studied in detail, such as the choice of make-up and hairstyling, so I would ask to Cristian of “Le donne di Picasso” to give an extra oomph to my usual look and to Luciano using colored mèches.
The village of Sant’Angelo will be the perfect location for my pledge of love, because it offers the intimacy of a small city within a city with its houses perched upon one another, its narrow streets to walk far and wide and the idea that the small community of Santangiolesi is there to celebrate me and everyone to work to the success of my party. The luxury of simplicity, not easy to obtain.
The village would be nice to follow it on foot, maybe clutching a bouquet of shells, which unlike the flowers is forever, so I would think twice to launch to the next single that is waiting to get married, even though she’s a friend!
The sandy beach in Sant’Angelo is small and visible with the look in the blink of an eye, but just perfect to accommodate 30 guests for what might seem like a real elopement. The ceremony celebrated planting the feet in the sand, before the sun begins to go down, certainly will give me a great sense of freedom and could also be a great relax.
The idea of being among the boats and a short walk from the sea would make me want to celebrate on a fishing boat moored in the harbor and then the theme of the evening would be the sea with trays of succulent raw fish prepared by the restaurant “Il Pescatore”. Why choose a fishing boat? For the pleasure of being further away from voices and noises, in the intimacy of a boat which conceals in the icebox white wine and champagne, and among pots and smell of the sea, the poor fish, that one of the zone, filleted properly to be repurposed with a lot of taste and without too many tricks. Finally, an array of cakes buffet, which in this restaurant are very delicious, without cakes as tall as skyscrapers to hide for the cutting and ritual photographs.
But if the idea to weigh anchor and set sail does not conciliate us, I’m sure my guests would remain stunned by the scenic view of ‘La Romantica’ in front of the village from the Belvedere Restaurant. The path to reach it would be more challenging but it will be easy to recover forces with a toast of  “half-way” at the cute and quaint kiosk at the bus station just before the Romantica Wedding & Banqueting. Enzo will prepare for us the “Bomb”, the multivitamin mix with lemon slush and orange juice. A different way, in summery and certainly more effective, to refresh the guests and prepare them for the dancing, that would follow shortly thereafter.
La Romantica will be a pleasant surprise for my guests and a relaxing experience for me and my partner. I continue to feel suspended over the water, but this time will be a swimming pool and at the end of the festivities I will go to the Blue Suite with my beloved with whom I can start to enjoy the awaited honeymoon.
If I think about it, well, this day could be tomorrow!

Mediterranean Village of Sant'Angelo

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