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Even if I were not born and grew up here, I’m sure that I would choose Ischia for my wedding. The meaning of the journey when you’re waiting for one hour to dock at the port, pays you back for everything, because despite being an island alive, especially in this time of year, it’s a postcard from any perspective you manage to look at it.

That’s why it could be a gift for many others, a discovery that would begin by invitations I send using antique prints and lithographs of the island to look for in my favorite bookstore, “Imagaenaria”. An invitation that is also a cadeau, that never gets old and you can also frame.
It’s difficult to choose the theme of the most beautiful day and above all in which Church celebrate the religious function, because Ischia has about 53 without forgetting the places available for civil functions, such as the charming ‘Combaia’ in Forio, the Tower of Michelangelo and for the nature lovers even pine forests.
If I were to marry a first time, just to try all possible logistics alternatives, would probably choose the Church of Assunta, in Ischia Ponte, with its baroque cross-reference due to renovations that have affected the building built by the noble Cossa family in 1300.
Ischia Ponte was the first inhabited center of the town, scenery of the Neapolitan Revolution of 1799 and could be a great beginning to start even my revolution! Entering the heart of this village it is romantic to lose the asphalt and start walking on the paving stones, as if you jumped into another era, even if this fact put to the test the ladies in heels. The walk would be short, also nice to go on board the Ape Calessino (a kind of gig).
Fortunately, the Cathedral of Assunta has not many steps as those of the Church of Spirito Santo, which is situated just before the right, otherwise it would be easier to trip over the dress, but a bride always hopes not and luckily it can always count on ‘Emozioni’ assistance which it has already exceeded the adventure to found in its assortment the right dress for me.
It could pick up with a sigh, perhaps, all the excitement before entering, hoping to not ruin the make up meticulously edited by Luciano and hairstyle Picasso Parrucchieri salons, that at sunrise will get picked up all the anxieties of that day, having eyes fixed on her.
Many people will notice that the cathedral keeps precious works of art, but a few people know that they come from the original one that was on the Aragonese Castle, which today remains a half-destroyed building.
 I think the baptismal font of the late Renaissance, where, in 1654, received the sacrament Carlo Gaetano Calosirto, or St. John Joseph of the Cross, Patron Saint of the island, and how not to quote the wooden medieval  Catalan crucifix manufacturing in 1300? It was restored on the occasion of the arrival of Pope John Paul II and brought before Him during the meeting with the youth on May 5, 2002.
The ceremony was celebrated by Father Carlo Candido, certainly would assume a cheerful and youthful tone, suited to a day of celebration, thanks to its character as a great orator, never boring. After the flight of doves and a few grains of rice in the hair, the procession would advance on foot to the manor symbol of Ischia, the Aragonese Castle, attracting the curious eyes of retailers and those who have a coffee “by Coco” taking advantage of the beautiful day.
I would live so the tale of the most famous marriages on the island, right here, back in 1509 when Francesco Ferrante d’Avalos married Vittoria Colonna. It would not be equally marked by pomp and luxury, but it would be a gift to be able to organize the refreshments on the Castle, in the west, as it is usually open to the public for visits.
An Island in an island: from there, guests can enjoy a unique view during the cocktail party, while Luca Ricci of Aenaria Recordings Studios fascinates me with my husband for the wedding album walking in the village of Ischia Ponte. The ideas are certainly not lacking because the castle is near the beach of Pescatori with boats waiting to be put back in the water and some old man who still enjoys an uncrowded beach. Then all the retailers, the shops, the area of Cartaromana would certainly be a lovely postcard.
Meanwhile the guests would entertain themselves with an aperitif by the brothers de Georgio of Alchemie, experts in the beverage and the masterly art of the mix, and to whom I would ask to dedicate a cocktail to me, to remind my day.
On The Terrace of Immaculate Conception, in a green and relaxing space, it would play the first part of our celebrations, and then continue in the interior, a nest embraced by bougainvillea, which in summer explodes and colors every corner combining the characteristics prickly pears.
The southern weddings are always crowded with friends and relatives also from afar, but in this place it is necessary to require the intimate, at most a hundred people for three terraces available. Coco’s garden would organize a floral simple and chic fitting, because there is nothing more complex. Some time ago I was fascinated by a centerpiece made with a shell that had inside flowers, a mix of sea and earth that I’d like to propose sometime. To distant friends I’d suggest or offer, budget permitting, accommodation at the hotel Al Monastero, where I’d spend also my first wedding night. A hotel that attracts with its essentiality the life of the nuns who lived in those places at one time, a space that I find spiritual, with Spartan rooms and the cries of the seagulls that give you a good morning, along with homemade desserts prepared by Mrs. Costanza. For her and for him, so I’m not mistaken, on the bed I would find an entrance to the Terme of Ischia and Ischia Thermae, after all at the end of a marriage it should always be on holiday!
Returning to the pleasures of the kitchen, at the table I would bring the flavors of our sea and when I say ‘our’ I refer to our Ischia, but will be also a corner for vegans and vegetarians friends. The Restaurant da Coco will take care of everything, while the music by Nick Pantalone will be the background to our conversation.
Everything will end with the cake that I’d prefer made up of many lemon delights by Bar Vittoria, a bright and cheerful color, as its flavor, perfect with the sea menu.
The wedding favor? Far from knick-knacks that get dusty with initials of dearest friends that then they forget, I’d give to each a bottle of Cenatiempo wine, to make known the Ischia nectar of the gods, perhaps choosing the “vintage” of the spouses, clearly I would customize the labels by Nuvola Grafica to give that extra touch.
The details, and here I am definitely forgetting more than one, are so many, it will be constructive to confront and accept the suggestions of a wedding planner, because I would like my marriage was not any. With a bride so demanding (for now only an imaginary girl), Nuages Eventi cannot be that my right arm!

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