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We know that the most exciting moment in the fateful ‘I do day’ is that long, interminable ascent to the churchyard. It's the time of waiting, of the many questions and few answers. It's the time in which among many things to look at, the only one you can see is him who waits smiling and secure on the altar.

Perhaps this is why the choice of the Church is the most sacred moment in the whole organization of the wedding. I have a good exposure of the Church, the choice of the church in which to celebrate the wedding in Ischia is pretty embarrassing for the many suggestions offered.
We could start by the Church in high altitude, the one dedicated to St. Nicola, one of the most significant examples of rock-cut architecture. A temple of stone that blends harmoniously with the landscape, exploited by the first people of the place, who were seeking a safe haven to the continuous Saracen invasions. The ideal place to seal the union, you know, in its long career can encounter pitfalls of all kinds.
The solitary charm of the Church of Montevergine at Schiappone is very impressive. With its basilica plan with a nave, its vaulted roof and richly decorated simple pilasters of the facade is a place of pilgrimage but also the first leg of one of the most beautiful trails of the island, that one of Piana Liguori.
If we want to follow another path, would invite the couple to celebrate their most daring wedding in the charming village of Santa Maria with its romantic church like the horizon lost in front of the churchyard. A water well, the little white dome, the green parracine, the wood of chestnut trees, silent guardians of a place full of spirit: this is the scenario most authentic to enhance the indissolubility of a gesture as simple as overwhelming that is the total entrustment to another.
But for those who have a soul less green and more glamorous Ischia offers Churches by spectacular effect. First of all the undisputed Chiesa del Soccorso in Forio. Among the results of the most unique island architecture, surrounded by the sea from the top of its promontory overlooking the Soccorso's Church is dedicated to St. Mary of the Snow. The square that surrounds decorated with majolica of 700 is one of the most authentic ways of love of our island. I doubt that on the island there are pairs of lovers who have not yet exchanged their vows of love behind the church, trying to catch the last rays of the sun, to close eyes and express their desires.
In terms of landscape is the Church of St. Michele. The church, simple but harmonious, has a single nave ending in an apse just mentioned. On the central altar there is a painting of the nineteenth century depicting St. Rocco and the Assumption. The idea that fascinates marriage in St. Michele is the village of S. Angelo at the foot of the promontory that awaits the welcoming celebration in honor of the new family.
In fact, now that I have proposed some ideas for celebrating your wedding, I can only offer a celebration that highlights the spirituality of the places that I have outlined: il Paradiso or rather the Paradiso Terme Resort & SPA. In the background a wonderful view from the White Lighthouse Punta Imperatore is tinged with the deep blue sea to resume the whiteness of the white walls of Soccorso's Church. Whether by the pool or in the elegant dining room, the staff at the Paradiso Terme will welcome your guests and will help to make your wedding unforgettable.
One last tip, tolerance and understanding, and not only for the organization of this great event but also to let love into your long married life always wins! Happy life

Santa Maria del Soccorso

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