Colors and smiles at Castiglione Park

Yesterday I was at the Castiglione Park, half asleep and a little stupid at lunch, a lunch too good but too washed down with an excellent white wine, chilled and fruity.
Suddenly ... ... WHROON… fly the ‘Tricolour Arrows’, all with their noses up in awe, amazed, ecstatic.


Health and beauty to the Source of Nitrodi

Romans frequented the source of Nitrodi already two thousand years ago as testify the numerous votive reliefs in marble found here dating back to the period between I century B.C. and III century A.C.

ipomea-negombo 15

Ipomea or the flowers universe

In some Aurora iconographies, the goddess of the early morning, appears in her chariot while spreading colorful petals, announcing the new light of day. In the images of the four seasons, Spring is a woman who carries flowers or scatters them on the lawns and in the illustrations depicting the five senses, smell can be represented with a composition of fragrant blooms or with a figure that holds in hand or sniffing fragrant buds.


Deep passion for the sea of Ischia

A life to discover the wonders and secrets of the seabed

Summer 1960, I was twelve. The gift of a Cressi Sub Pinocchio optic diver’s mask gave me the opportunity to cultivate a passion that over the years has grown so much that today, as soon as the weather and sea conditions permit, I dive for snorkeling, long swims or sub jokes fishing all year round.
My evolution as Homo Delphinus (to use Mayol) allowed me to live wonderful experiences thanks to the sea of our island, which still reserves incredible and pleasant surprises. In addition, every day I enrich the discovery of fish species and behavior of the same.
In the sixties, the visibility in the sea of Ischia exceeded thirty meters. I remember big groupers that made fun of putting in candle, then quickly running away in impregnable nests as soon as we tried to approach them.


The nymphs of health

«Every disease has a natural cause and can be cured by natural and recognizable means » Hippocrates 460 BC

Already 2,000 years ago, in the hydrotherapy Park Nitrodi in Buonopane, in the hamlet of Barano, were practiced what we now know as cures.


A walk along trails

The explosion of colors and scents of this time that envelops the land into one big warm hug, transports us into the middle of spring and makes sure that our senses, from the dormant winter days, wake up and enrichment of the marvels that “the green island” offers. There is no better time of year to bring out the boots, comfortably worn, leave for a moment the coast and into the heart of Ischia.

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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
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