The best water in the world

I was almost 10 when with my bike, a “venti” with the frame at an angle,
crashed near the Calabbresiello balcony, in Via Roma, in the center of Barano. Knees full of blood, such as the right shoulder and the front, a disaster. Today people would not lose a moment to go to Lacco Ameno, to the hospital.
Mom and Dad had neither car nor a driving license. So my parents knew exactly what was done in these cases. They had learned from their elders.


The eternal beauty inside Sorgeto Bay

The narrow plateau under the sun, in the full moon expands, brightens, revealing a side of profiles of crags and slopes, low vineyards, reed beds, opens a horizon of guessed precipices, far away. On the other side, it creaks of pumice volatile, volcanic flour and the trail smells of brooms and Eubea, lost and found.
We go down the steep, and clear and sweet is the night, but there is a land breeze among the ridges, leaving the trace, slips; and imagines the midday light. The rarefied crowd of human ants climbs constantly slow awaited by farmers and anglers in a village of gardens against the sky, bringing valuable goods of uselessness, taking wine and time in six hundred B.C.


Discovering the wonder of the Ischian Biodiversity

“Walking along the paths” is an event not to be missed

Ischia, island, sun, sea: it is a correct axiom. In addition, it is obvious but simplistic to the green island, which is a true natural laboratory for Biodiversity of which even the most untrained eye cannot have perception. Then “Walking along paths” in Ischia is a greedy appointment to the discovery of a territory which, rightly, is a natural treasure that never ceases to amaze.
It is precisely because the word ‘wonder’ accompanying every visit.
From Monte Epomeo at 360° you can admire the entire island also noticeable from the outside, but from Mount Vezzi with the rotation of the head you have only the chance to grasp at your right the Port of Ischia and at your left, Sant’ Angelo, is something you never would think.


confraternita low

The Visitapoveri Confraternity


You have to settle with time. A time that seems like Janus, ancient Roman deity. He escapes, with an eye toward the past to recognize and guess but remaining still, motionless and impassive, and enjoys in its essential features the inlays of the memory, looking to the future. There is a time that passes and one that stays still. It shares with itself, looking inside, but at the same time safeguarding what produces looking outside, to reach it. It fights against its erosion, punctuated by the seasons passages that always alternate equal and that flow leaving the signs along the four hundred years of life of the “Visitapoveri Confraternity”.

ipomea 2017

Ipomea by Negombo 2017

On May 26th, 27th and 28th 2017, sponsored by Lacco Ameno, the 15th edition of Ipomea will take place, the fair of rare and unusual hot-tempered plants.

The opening is Friday, May 26, from 3 pm to 8.30 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm. It will take place in the Hydrothermal Botanical Park of Negombo. On May 28, at 4:30 pm, the program extends the possibility of conversing with landscape painters such as Ermanno Casasco and Patrizia Pozzi or assisting the work of the two illustrators, Simo Capecchi and Alessandro Rak, who will simultaneously perform a graphic reportage describing the most curious plants, telling about cultivation, uses and anecdotes, drawing in front of the public. Ipomea wants to be an affirmation of the culture and sense of the place through the world of plants, essences and natural products. The exhibition will be associated with the Butterfly Museum “Lepidoptera”, which can be visited from May 18 to July 31, and for the entire month of September. A longer period in order to turn it into a semi-permanent attraction on Ischia Island.


The culture yeast and the blessed bread

«The earth is full of crap, and nature rebelled. We need to return to the old systems of work, in the sense that in the land we should have a new mentality, rather with respect than once». When we meet in the cellar, on time my friends - sucking greasy fingers after having bitten the last 'mbrugliatiello of rabbit - they want to convince me that “we must not give up”.

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Info on Ischia island

  • Surface: 46 Kmq
  • Hight: 789 mt
  • Lat.: 40° 44',82 N
  • Long.: 13° 56',58 E
  • Periplus: 18 miglia
  • Coasts: 51.2 Km
  • Cities: 6
  • Inhabitants: 58.029


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