Serrara, a treasure trove of emotions

I often go to Serrara to breathe an ancient atmosphere that reminds me of childhood memories. I look out from the viewpoint to admire the boundless sea, the deep caves inaccessible by rainwater flowing along the walls. I look Sant'Angelo, which was a small fishing village, now a tourist destination of great value.


St. John the Baptist between religion and history

Father Francesco Felice Mattera (for all known as Don Franco) is pastor of St. John the Baptist in Buonopane since October 4, 1977, 37 years to the service of his community which in the month of June is celebrating its patron.
We entertain a chat with him on the eve of the Feast 2014 to rediscover what has been the history of the Parish of Buonopane and the cult of Saint John the Baptist.


2nd GF Carvico 100km of the green island

Presented in the amazing setting of the Hotel Miramare e Castello of Ischia, the second edition of the cycling race “Ischia 100km” GranFondo of the island of Ischia.

Sitting at the table of speakers are Mr. Mario Santaroni, patron of the event, Paolino Buono, Mayor of Barano d'Ischia, Mrs. Annunziata Piro, adviser to the town of Ischia and Salvatore Lauro, president of Alilauro Spa. Commissioner of AACST Mimmo Barra and journalists Porreca and Gianni Mura have also contributed.


ipomea-negombo 33

Ipomea of Negombo and a new sensitivity

There is a renewed experience of the body: no longer facing the pure image but the quality of life, of things, of history, of memory. It involves a new way of relating to the world.
So today we want to surround ourselves with beautiful things even in their simplicity, beautiful because useful, beautiful to see, to touch, to use, to contemplate. There is in the air a renewed sensitivity towards concepts and values ​​that refer to the kindness and depth of feeling, a sweetness and lightness of ways, the emotion and enhancement of feelings, the relationship complicit with the territory. This is the sense of belonging and love for the place. In addition, we have the attachment to the land that is a link that refers to the culture of taste and propensity to art that have made our country so special.

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La Fonte delle Ninfe

Nitrodi spring is located in Buonopane, part of the municipality of Barano d' Ischia, in one of the most fascinating and least contaminated corner of Ischia which is still similar to that one frequented by the Romans two thousand years ago.
Numerous votive reliefs discovered near the source in 1757 and now preserved in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples attest that the sources were visited for therapeutic purposes since at least the first century BC.


Giacinto Lavitrano

It seems the final touch of a bitter and spiteful screenplay. Dedicating the work of maturity, “La Desolata”, to the land of origin, that so loved and made him suffer. “Gerusalemme ingrata, la colpa sua detesta, quando, dolente e mesta, ti vide ritornare”. The indifference of the city to the pain of a mother to whom had crucified the Son, is perhaps the projection distance with which the musician forian Giacinto Lavitrano had to face throughout their lives. The music will remain as the only dialogue with the soul.

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