Christmas in lights and music

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....

This year the wish of our magazine is particularly positive and full of interesting expectations for these islands and clearly for tourists. This year, thanks to the ‘Azienda di Cura e soggiorno’ of the islands of Ischia and Procida, our islands have a single event calendar. Mimmo Barra, Commissioner of the Company since January 2014, has finally innovated the approach of the seven municipalities in the planning of events and was able to coordinate a single calendar avoiding unpleasant overlapping for those who, like many tourists and residents, want to enjoy Christmas to all round. It is an important first step that we, with our magazine, know to incur for the proper and effective promotion of our territory with its folklore, traditions and its vibrant nightlife.


Nonno-Franchino 19

The delights of Nonno Franchino

In Forio, right at the entrance of one of the most beautiful streets of the old town, that one of San Gaetano and a short walk from the harbor, you will find yourself in front of a room with a short story (opened in 2012) but already famous with loyal customers. We’re talking about the bakery NONNO FRANCHINO, built in August 2012, the result of experience handed down from father Maurizio Capuano, Nonno Franchino, already renowned baker of Forio.


Candida Natale-8370

It’s Christmas ... and at Christmas, you can do more!

Almost as if it were a duty, at Christmas, all become good, or at least they try. It blooms in us the bud of sharing warmed by the rays of the solidarity of the many events that populate our streets. From the crib of solidarity to the markets of charity. Events organized thanks to the sensitivity of many that offer opportunities to be better people. It is the moment full of joy, friendship, joy and our island wearing the best outfit made of colorful lights, traditional decorations, gospel and jugglers. However, could not Christmas last a whole year? What is it that prevents? Clearly, the “worldliness spiritual” of Christmas... well for those two weeks I would say enough, but the authentic spirituality of Christmas, that one silent and discreet, we should try to practice every day. «Go beyond the surface of things and there encounter what no one could understand, a child lying in the manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes.



Mariolino, the artist of the way

I find it leaning against the wall of his “puteca”** with the eye of the beholder, giving the impression of a gruff, although who knows him knows that his personality aggregates ideas, friendships, events, that is much communicative in interpersonal relationships as given on what concerns his relationship with art: artist Mariolino Capuano of the way.
For this innocent chat he greets me in his "puteca" with that initial distrust, typical of the artists, and then melt and demonstrate its solar sympathy, typical of whom is artist and modest at the same time.


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