The sea is a family member

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What is the sea for me? Better, who it is, since I do not distinguish it from a family member of the smallest circle, of those of whom I carry an important percentage of DNA. In fact, there was not a precise moment in which we met. It has always been a natural, even obvious presence.

Even when I was physically far away. Even in Rome, when dad, picking me up, very small, said those strange words: "Oh, issa!". It was enough to learn to read to find them, as I wandered around the seven seas on galleons, junks and pirogues. And I landed on islands. Far, imaginative. Who kept alive the expectation of return, on my island, real and shocking with its indomitable personality. Ischia gave me the postcard-perfect sea: blue, calm, reassuring, enveloping, summery. And it conquered me with the sea of a thousand bright shades, powerful, vigorous, generating and regenerating in the alternation of tides, seasons, and the rhythms of nature. Then, on a December morning, on the beach of San Pietro, I spotted a large pack of dolphins a few meters from the shore. And that day it was as if you had met him for the first time. The sea.