Isle of the dead

Many of these films use the island as only locations. It appears, in fact, difficult to believe that an island, so evocative and fascinating, can be used as a place of horror and fear. However, its nature is transformed, showing also available as a place of horror. During the period of the film in '45, Boris Karloff watched many Ischians and told the press. "I am in Ischia to make a good movie and are oxygenated by this island so full of sun warmth. It 's really hard-working the population of Ischia. It has been a great experience to come to this island. In a break from work, I took the opportunity to met Boris Karloff, a friendly and very human man, very different from those terrifying roles had in the movies. Karloff loved the sea, seeing the crafts isle and watching the fishermen at work. He was really a gentleman".
MMany scenes in this movie were filmed along the homes of Corso Vittoria Colonna and in the pine forest of Ischia Ponte.






Greece 1912. General Nikolas Pherides went with some friends on a small island of the Aegean Sea, where is the tomb of his wife, but when he discovers that the place has been tampered with. To make matters worse, an old fanatic believes that Thea, a young Greek woman, is possessed by an evil spirit. The plague broke out in the island, the inhabitants are quarantined and Thea is blamed for the disaster. The general, affected by the disease, in a moment of madness, attempts to kill the girl. Thea has to accept the help of a young journalist and escape to leave the contaminated island.