Eighteen in the sun

diciottenni al sole chatrine spak 3


Gallery of the film Eighteen in the sun 

“Eighteen in the sun”, Film made in '62 by Camillo Mastrocinque, shows the island with the means used by Rizzoli. The plot is simple; young people come to the island for a weekend, and take the opportunity to conquer. What better way to show the beauty of the island.





Three young: Lello, Nanni, Nicola come to the island for a vacation. They join to a group already present on the site and is working tirelessly to conquer the hearts of women. Niola falls in love, thanks to the coincidence of a name identical to a French girl. Lello, to woo a beautiful German girl, attends a local young man, Vania, which gives German lessons. Nanni, to reach the inaccessible island beauty of Franca, pretends to be an escaped convict from the prison of Procida. The engagement of Nicola with the same name and brogues Lello with the beautiful German teacher crown the short vacation. Nanni will be abandoned by Franca, when this fraud will be discovered.