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Escursione Gondola 1464You will see with endless wonder, this island contains almost like a little garden all the circumstances and behaviors that contains the universal garden of the earth. Great Creator of all things ordered for the life of living and for instance of Man, the division of mountains, plans, sources, rivers, lakes, seas, islands, peninsulas, capes and isthmuses, not highly artifice and be able to contemplate the architecture of this little garden, building and painted by the great architect.

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Ischia at Christmas... after

neve ischiaThe time of “suspension” marked by holidays reveals a global custom, and a “need” to regenerate. Where? Obviously on the Green Island, following the ideal route among wonderful places. They are the synthesis of the fundamental principles of life, immersed in the magnificent ethic of hospitality. A “paradise” for health-conscious travelers, and not only.

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Winter sea is stronger

Foto Zupo 4There is an explosion of life submerged in blue, all around us. While fish and invertebrates gather energy for reproduction, the “green shrimp” of Posidonia begin their amazing journey that will lead them to change sex: from “fathers” will become “wives”. Oddities to be discovered.

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The Aragon Castle

Castello-Aragonese-lowThe Aragon Castle stands on a rocky islet connected to the trachytic eastern side of the island of Ischia through a stone bridge 220 meters long.

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Thermal waters, richness makes the difference,-richness-makes-the-difference,-richness-makes-the-difference


Ischia is rich in charm and beauty, fertile and has warm healthy waters. Ischia is a plot of land, very important and often is visited for its thermal waters..
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Hiking and mountain walks in Ischia


In Ischia there are most beautiful walks, more shadows, more comfort, and what is not negligible even a better society than Capri!
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The island that I want…

piano-luguori-6I walked along the Piana Liguori and was an amazing experience for me. I was already full of bucolic expectations... but the reality has gone far beyond all that. To reach Piana Liguori, in my cousin Simona’s company, we chose to go cycling to the bewilderment of "villagers" who could not believe we were islanders went adventuring. Definitely the funniest part was asking how to get this wonder.

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Christ stopped at Ischia

cactus loungeA winter holiday in Ischia is almost as enjoyable as a summer holiday: the cold air (but “cold” is only in a manner of speaking) enhances the chemistry of water and fire that characterize this spa land, from which sprout lush gardens.
At Giardini Ravino, for example, you can admire the most important European collection of succulent plants (those that are defined in common language “succulents”), the most important gathering in quantity, variety and size of the specimens. The Giardini Ravino are a kind of miniature Mexico: even the structures hosting services remind the Mexican pueblos, demonstrating historical and cultural continuity and contiguity of the ancient Spanish colonies, South America and southern Italy.

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Christmas in Ischia between walking and Spa

Natale-sorgeto-sLet yourself be caressed by the warm and velvety waters, the warm winter sun, with ancient traditions, wholesome flavors, with friendly and welcoming people. Live Ischia winter, the Sorgeto bay, the ancient Cavascura Spa, Nitrodi Spring, S.Angelo fumarolas, are just a few examples of enchanted places, unique places where the abundance of water and the heat of the earth, give strength and vigor to the body.

Away from gossip and from the clamor of the summer, you can enjoy the wonders of the Green Island and relax mind and spirit, take long walks in the magnificent forests of oak, di chestnut, push along the paths and cultivated valleys or in the beautiful Pinewoods, to entrust to the care of many thermal centers

Visit our hotelsand take advantage of great offers, you will be welcome to Paradise!

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Naples - America's Cup goes through Ischia

coppa-america-hdThe first appointment with the AC World Series of Naples is scheduled between 7 and 15 April 2012.

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