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Forio d'Ischia
If you want to spend pleasant moments in a warm and admiring the...
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Città d'Ischia
It’s located at the port of Ischia Banchina Olimpica where...
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Bar Ristorante Umberto a Mare
Forio d'Ischia
Registered in the small list of the ten most beautiful restaurants...
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Bar Ristorante OASIS
Forio d'Ischia
It offers a unique panorama, pleasant and sophisticated...
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M9 Air Line
Città d'Ischia
A dip in the authentic reality of a true English pub: just a short walk...
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Bar Da Franco
Casamicciola Terme
The beach by Franco offers to its customers for over 50 years rental...
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Bar Ristorante La Citarea
Forio d'Ischia
The owners Francesco and Caterina Trofa, together in work and in...
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Bar la Lucciola
Forio d'Ischia
At the entrance of the historical center just a short walk from art...
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Bar Calise
Casamicciola Terme
Over the years it has evolved until the total modernization...
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Bar Ristorante La Grotta monte Epomeo
Serrara Fontana
On the highest peak on the island of Ischia, Mount Epomeo, with a view...
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Bar Ristorante Il Fortino
Forio d'Ischia
In the most beautiful and evocative place in the north-west of the...
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Bar Ristorante Pizzeria La Floreana
Serrara Fontana
At 390 meters above sea level, in the small square and panoramic Serrara...
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Bar Ristorante La Sciavica
Forio d'Ischia
Located in the beautiful bay of St. Francescco, Sciavica will enjoy...
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Bar Ristorante Da Nicola
Forio d'Ischia
The Restaurant Bar Nicola is located on the edge of the beach of...
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Bar Ristorante Club Scannella
Forio d'Ischia
The kitchen is always open at Club Scannella, such as your home, you can...
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Bar Ristorante Scogli Innamorati
Forio d'Ischia
In the south-west of the island of Ischia, between the road...
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