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Castello Aragonese

When it comes to Italian islands, everyone has heard of Capri, but Ischia has a more low-key reputation. I hadn’t heard of Ischia until I read Elena Ferrante’s incredible ‘My Brilliant Friend’ a few years ago. In the book, Ischia is narrator Lenu’s figurative and literal escape from the violent, claustrophobic Naples neighbourhood she calls home, and her vivid descriptions made me determined to visit this small island, an hour away by boat from Naples, for myself. I came here in search of Elena Ferrante but discovered so much more. Although with only one day on the island, there was no time to linger.

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The sweet and rare water of Buceto


Four thousand steps from the heart of the Green Island to the sea   
by Isabella Marino

The enveloping silence of the forest amplifies the chirping of birds. They fly up, as soon as they sense the human presence and cease for a moment to be the undisputed masters of the place. Which perhaps took its old name from them, Abocaetus, from which the most usual Buceto derives. Common to both the mountain that rises near Epomeo and overlooks the ancient craters, now surrounded by greenery, Rotaro is the source that flows from its lively side, to the East side, there where go to drink flocks of birds. Pure and fresh water, which descends from the top of the hill through the clayey rocks.

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Ermanno Nicolella and the flavors of happiness


by Ciro Cenatiempo

Ermanno Nicolella is professionally a chef with the vocation of the globetrotter in the sign of real and powerful flavors.
A few sentences are enough to understand what Ermanno is made of: simplicity and genuineness.
The experiences of Ermanno Nicolella are the result of training in prestigious hotels such as the Savoy in London, the Palace in Paris passing through the starred restaurant Il Melograno of Libera and Giovanni Iovine, the Mezzatorre Resort, the Miramare and Castello, the Punta Chiarito, not neglecting the courses of restaurant managers with stops in Palermo.

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Climbing Mount Epomeo


The island of Ischia thanks to its geo-morphological and climatic peculiarities represents a unique environment in the Mediterranean Sea, a chest full of treasures, a laboratory in which to live and understand the meaning of the concept of biodiversity. From a geological point of view it is a complex of several raised and inclined plots, separated by fractures and faults that were used often as way out of the magma of the local catchment area, thus giving rise to a series of volcanic structures.

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Forio the world championships Offshore and Endurance

offshore 2018jpg

From October 4th to 7th the Grand Prix «Isola d’Ischia»

by Graziano Petrucci

The island of Ischia resembles a small continent, but it is also an ideal bridge between land and sea. The huge expanse that surrounds its 46 square kilometers will host a prestigious international sporting event. In Forio, from Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 of October, the appointment is with the World Offshore and Endurance Championships. For three days the town of Forio rises to the capital of international motor boating that has now reached levels like Formula 1.

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Underwater archeology, an added value of protected marine areas

ninfeo dell imperatore

The potential of Cultural Heritage as a tourist attraction is a fact, while the tourist potential of the rich underwater archeological heritage of Campania is still under development due to the lack of a basic logistic organization that enables operators in the “musealization” of the submerged site and accompanying visitors in an appropriate way.

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Looking for the lost vine, the Guarnaccia

Agriturismo la pergola

In the Cimmento Rosso area, in the municipality of Forio, La Pegola farm rises. A place for the recovery of traditions and the reverence of table pleasures, from food to good drinks. Here, you can find jams with rare and special tastes and traditional food like the rabbit Cacciatora.
From the reception point, from which the rooms spread, the path is pleasant: green tuff stones encircle the thick vegetation; the dry walls ‘contain’ the lush and thick vines of a greenery so intense almost blinding the view. The panorama is exciting, the intense blue of the sea supports the green of the vines and over the sea overlays the blue sky so fair and clear. The narrow street that runs along the vineyards leads to a cave of green tuff, an old cellar that hides the most precious secret of the farm.

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National theater festival ├Žnaria award

Premio Aenaria 2017

The National Theater Festival Ænaria Award is the event designed and organized by the Association Amici del Teatro and sponsored by the City of Ischia, this year in its fourth edition. The Ænaria Award owes its name to the ancient underwater town in the waters in front of the Aragonese Castle. Its goal is to display the full range of its talent. Abilities hidden under water. Disclosing the attitudes of theater actors as the inhabitants of the ancient city of Ænaria. But the goal is to bring Island of Ischia to life as a destination also for winter tourism, tied to art and culture, to the charm of the Prize, to the beauties that our land offers even in the low season.

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Autumn, between mushrooms and perfumes


Autumn is in the air, in the scent of fermenting must and vinasses scattered in the fields. But it is definitely in the woods that we perceive more: chestnuts begin to fall (ready to be harvested), decorating here and there on the carpet of leaves, which hides among other things mushrooms, chestnuts along with the real stars of the autumn season. The route that we propose this month in full autumnal theme takes us to two of the most beautiful forests of the island.

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VI workshop of Urban Sketchers in Naples


“On Assignment”. Reportage from the island of Ischia
October 4-8  2017

For the third year running, forty designers from all over the world find themselves in Ischia for drafting a collective reportage on the island.
The special guest is Gabriel Campanario, Seattle Times’ illustrator and journalist with the column “Seattle Sketcher” and founder in 2007 of Urban Sketchers: an association founded with the aim of spreading the educational value and documentation of the real design which in ten years has involved thousands of people around the world. Their drawn reportages are shared networked, on the printed page and by live encounters like this in Ischia.

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The most ancient Thermae of Ischia: the source of the Nitrodi springs


When history meets a real magic as that of the source of the Ninfe Nitrodi, it's really hard not to be fascinated. In the heart of Buonopane, in the municipality of Barano, the story of the famous source is really long and has always fascinated those who decide to spend a day of relaxation to unwind body and soul.

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