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by Isabella Marino*

We will never know its real name. There has been done, Inos, to defeat oblivion. And the time. That signature, placed at the end of the eighth century BC, is the oldest of a craftsman who has come down to us. It  tell us the story of an object of everyday use found on the hill of Mazzola, in today’s Lacco Ameno. A few tens of meters, as the crow flies, from the most coastal “keramèikos”, the potters’ quarter discovered since the middle of the last century in the archaeological area under the basilica of Santa Restituta, where also Inos modeled and decorated the local clay.

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De Formae: transfigurations and unconscious mutations

Transfiguration Raphael copyDialogue with Luca D’ambra of the Ravino Gardens

Raffaele Mirelli: Why the name Ravino?
Luca D’Ambra: It refers to the surname or rather to the family stock - by the grandfather - etymologically refers to the “ravina”, a tool similar to a pickaxe that cuts the stone into scales.
R.M .: How does the history of the garden begin?
L. D .: Beginning with my father, a collector of plants and “traveling the seas” by profession. He brought plants from all over the world, from South America in particular.
R.M .: How does this story evolve?
L.D .: My father continued to collect plants even after his maritime period, obtaining them during leisure trips, or through exchanges with other collectors.

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Giulio Grablovitz on Ischia

Fig8 GuacheEruzioneVesuvio1794

a scientist suspended between earth and sky

by Graziano Ferrari*

"January 27, 1886 - I take up residence on the Island of Ischia Ischia, provisionally at the Casina Reale".
With these few words, less than three years after the destructive earthquake of Casamicciola, Giulio Grablovitz (1846-1928) recorded in his diary the beginning of his stay in Ischia, starting one of the most extraordinary scientific experiences in the field of Earth sciences from the late 1880’s up to the 1910’s.

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Sant’Anna, an endless charm

phoca thumb l er0397 aaa 4339The Sant’Anna celabration dates back to a tradition of the last century. On July 26, each year, pregnant women went in procession to worship the Mother of Madonna who was in a chapel in Cartaromana Bay. They were accompanied by a procession of anglers’ boats, which for the occasion adorned the hull with bushes and flower garlands.

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Nose to nose with Marco Varrale

naso nasoWith him, we have the pleasure of exploring the world of artistic perfumery, or niche, a universe that preserves all a qualitative and creative apparatus that cannot be found in traditional perfumery.

Marco Varriale has now become one of the professionals and veterans of the sector in Ischia. His artistic perfumery Essence, over the years has been transformed into a meeting room for communication, exchange, friendship and education “in the art of perfuming”.

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The Enchantment of the Eden Park

parco edenThere are places where time seems to stop, spaces in which to find the serenity and the peace that in this world seem to be escaping continuously. The “Eden” Park of Ischia is in this sense a harmonious oasis of beauty and relaxation, cleverly conjugated to give moments of deep serenity. The magic beach club atmosphere of the Eden Garden was born from the extraordinary fusion of the renowned key points of Ischia Island: nature, history and sea. At the foot of the Guevara Tower (now a museum and multi-faceted structure) and in the center of the ancient colonial bay of Aenaria (today submerged), a flourishing Roman settlement, which is considered to be a major activity between the 1st century BC. and IV century AD.

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